The Last Planner (R)

The Last Planner® (sometimes referred to as the Last Planner® System) is a production planning system designed to produce predictable work flow and rapid learning in programming, design, construction and commissioning of projects. Last Planner® was developed by Glenn Ballard and Greg Howell. LCI licenses the use of these processes and related IP to various organizations, including most recently the Associated General Contractors of America.

The Last Planner® workshops and seminars are designed to introduce participants to the five elements of the Last Planner®:

  • Master Scheduling (setting milestones and strategy; identification of long lead items);
  • Phase "Pull" planning (specify handoffs; identify operational conflicts);
  • Make Work Ready Planning (look ahead planning to ensure that work is made ready for installation; re-planning as necessary);
  • Weekly Work Planning (commitments to perform work in a certain manner and a certain sequence); and
  • Learning (measuring percent of plan complete (PPC), deep dive into reasons for failure, developing and implementing lessons learned).

In recent years, use of Last Planner® on projects and within both design and construction firms has increased geometrically. As a consequence, demand for coaching and teaching consultants has also substantially increased. We are committed to being a resource to those who wish to undertake this robust planning system.

We retain a registered trademark on the term and copyright on the materials to prevent people who misunderstand or misrepresent the system from using it in trade without our consent. Because we want those who design and construct with the help of the Last Planner® System to have the best possible start, we do require that those who use the term in trade are approved by us. That is, those offering to teach, coach or apply Last Planner® as part of a commercial offer need our approval. We also expect them to make financial and other contributions to the Institute in recognition of the financial and other benefits they are getting from the work we have put into developing Last Planner®.

A four-minute video by our member company Pepper Construction refers to use of Last Planner® on project delivery at Monmouth University:

The Last Planner (R)

The "Big Room" at the Sutter Santa Rosa Medical Center hospital replacement, a lean project on which our member company HGA Architects & Engineers is engaged in design work. The project is an IPD partnership, with Unger Construction, another LCI member, serving as GC. Completion will be mid-2014. The website dedicated to the project is

The above photograph depicts the 8,000 SF co-location trailer assembly on the hospital site. Unger has done an outstanding job of learning from previous use of big rooms: The main conference room features state-of-the-art projection, plus instant web connection capability for project participants. There is also a smaller war room where the Core Group meets weekly in a very structured session with methodologies developed much like that of a press room or military triage situation.

The Last Planner (R)