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BP: Implementing Lean Construction Methods at the Whiting Refinery

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Learn how British Petroleum (BP) successfully implemented numerous Lean techniques in a complex environment that largely involves revamp work on live operating units. Whiting Refinery is located just south of Chicago near the Indiana border. The site processes over 400,000 barrels of crude oil per day and has over 20 active construction sites at any given point in time. The refinery had a history of ad hoc planning that resulted in countless starts and stops and negatively impacted productivity and performance. The Capital Projects Group had not hit an annual spend target in more than five years. Then, in 2010, BP became committed to changing their performance. To achieve their goals, they implemented several Lean techniques, including make ready work tools, pull planning, and weekly work planning, and began measuring their performance using Percent Plan Complete (PPC) and earned value. Their commitment to Lean paid off – in 2012, the Capital Project Group hit their annual spend target the first time in more than five years. Furthermore, they achieved a 17% improvement in their Schedule Performance Index and have experienced an average PPC of 74%. Learn more about BP’s amazing Lean journey that resulted in significant improvements during the first two years that Lean techniques were implemented.

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