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December 18, 2014

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From The Owner's Dilemma, Barbara White Bryson, 2010, pp. 104-05. Key 4: Decision Discipline – The owner's power within a project is absolutely embedded in the delivery of timely decisions. No project can be successful without an owner that is motivated to make decisions…Making decisions at the appropriate time can keep a project within budget and often create great value, but delayed decisions can easily and quickly push a project beyond both budget and schedule envelopes.


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January 09th
Target Value Design with Dave Umstot

January 14th
Lean Leadership for 2015 and Beyond
(NorCal CoP)

January 15th
Learn Why More Public Sector Owners Are Considering Lean Project Delivery Based on Data-Driven Metrics
(San Diego CoP)

January 16th
A Lean Coffee
(National Capital Region CoP)

January 21st
Transforming a Company Culture with Lean Buy-In
(Arizona CoP)

January 30th
WEBINAR- Reliable Delivery of Capital Projects with Lean Integrated Project Delivery


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Lean "Knowledge Transfer" Session

What would a Lean "knowledge transfer" session look like? In a nutshell, it's a collaboration among more than 15 experienced practitioners drawn from the ranks of owners, consultants, design, construction, and specialty trades professionals dedicated to the success of Lean programs across their companies and the industry. Such an A-team just convened in Dallas under LCI auspices and the leadership of our board member Bill Seed (Walt Disney Imagineering). Their mandate was to produce articles on a host of subjects germane to the Lean journey. The team used a very effective, collaborative process to develop articles/papers on 24 key subjects in just three days. Some of the topics treated include: Effective Big Room Development, Choosing by Advantages, Cluster Groups, Onboarding and the Lean Value Proposition. These articles are now being polished, graphics added, etc., with the goal of making them available to LCI members in mid-January. A special email will go out to our members as soon as all the material is available.

Lean Design Forum

Mark your calendar for the annual Lean Design Forum meeting in Berkeley, CA, co-sponsored by LCI, P2SL and AIA. This annual forum is one of the highlights of the year for those in the design community looking for outstanding content and meaningful dialogue on challenges and opportunities surrounding Lean in Design. Further information may be found at The dates are January 29-30, 2015. Also worth noting on your calendar: the NEXT Lean in Design forum (after the January session) will be June 17-18, 2015 in Chicago, with LCI taking the lead on arrangements and agenda.

Innovative Use of Lean by Public Owner

We often get the question, "Is it really possible to utilize Lean design and construction techniques without an IPD contract?" Our answer is a resounding "yes," especially (but not only) if the owner organization is able to utilize some creativity in the pursuit of enhanced collaboration. Such was the case in the University of Washington's Odegaard Library Renovation. Within the requirements of applicable state regulations and university policy, the project participants forged a mutually-agreed-upon "Collaboration Agreement" that provided many of the benefits of an IPD contracting approach. The agreement specified these outcomes: Completing the project in two years; Providing seamless transition from design to construction to occupancy; Maximizing scope and value; Recording no OSHA reportable safety incidents; Producing higher quality work; Executing the project in Lean fashion to eliminate waste; Showcasing this project to UW and the building industry; and Having fun. (Yes, you read right!) "Showcasing" has occurred as well, recently in a presentation at our Congress in San Francisco.

Some of the steps this team took (and others might consider) to help achieve these outcomes in comparable circumstances include:

  • Rewarding desired behaviors within boundaries of ______ ["applicable policy document XYZ…"]
  • Alignment of risk and reward with each Party's ability to control risk in separate contracts between Owner and Architect and Owner and Contractor;
  • Creating a culture of partnership among Parties and an open environment for information-sharing;
  • Early selection and involvement of key subcontractors and consultants;
  • Creating relationships at the beginning of the design phase with the intention that the relationships/commitments will continue through construction to the turnover of the building for occupancy.
  • Taking time for each of the parties to learn about and understand the other's business.

2015 Congress Update

Our Boston-based planning team has had multiple meetings already, with another one planned for this Friday. The dates are October 13-16, 2015. For those who would like to present at next year's Congress, we will be issuing a call for abstracts in early 2015, so look for an email from us on that score in the weeks ahead. We hope many of you will consider presenting not just your successes but also failures, challenges, and paths you took to overcome them, since these are the talks the community learns the most from (and will be most in demand, based on 2014 feedback).

An Owner's Perspective – TVD

Check out our upcoming webinar, on January 9th, which will provide an overview of why owners are adopting Target Value Design. Topics to be covered include: a brief discussion of value in the "owners' eyes," an introduction to Target Value Design - what it is and what are some of the variants owners are using; the need for conceptual and concurrent estimating; transparency of estimating and contingencies; the necessity of early engagement of specialty trade contractors; life cycle cost analysis; set-based design and concurrent engineering; A3 problem solving; and closing with the experience, metrics and lessons learned at the San Diego Community College District using Target Value Design.

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Reliable Delivery of Capital Projects with Lean Integrated Project Delivery

On January 30, James Pease will present his experience, via webinar, with Lean Integrated Project Delivery over the last six years at Sutter Health. The presentation will focus on several projects delivered with Integrated Forms of Agreement ranging in size from $3M to $160M. Key topics will be covered with specific examples: Validation Studies, Target Value Design, Risk/Reward Pools, Last Planner System® Implementation, BIM, and Lean Training for Teams!

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CoP Corner

CoPs have expressed interest in showing LCI national webinars for their members. Contact Ilene Goldberg at for more information on how to make this work for your CoP.

The National Capital Region CoP will be having a "Lean Coffee" on January 16th at LCI's offices in Arlington, VA. Take part in an open conversation about the topics that are relevant to the Lean community. The Community wants to hear about the problems that you are solving, the problems you want to solve and lessons you've learned on your Lean journey. Registration is free!

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Mark your calendars! On March 18th, 2015, the Arizona CoP will be presenting, An Evening With Paul Akers. Paul Akers, author of "2 Second Lean" and a Lean leader among American manufacturers, will share stories from both his personal and business life as the world of Lean thinking is explored. Attendees will receive a hard copy and/or CD of Paul's book "2 Second Lean – How to Grow People and Build a Lean Culture." Early Registration is $75 (ends January 16, 2015) and Regular Registration is $85.

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