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December 14, 2017

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Wishing you a happy holiday season!

The LCI team is sending you and your loved ones warm wishes for the holiday season. The LCI Update (newsletter) will resume after the New Year on January 4. Enjoy this time of the year and stay safe!



Words of Wisdom

"One of the keys to successful TVD implementation is highly effective collaborative practices among team members because it is this collaboration that creates value and drives work effort to meet or exceed targets while fulfilling the owner's Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS)."
Target Value Delivery: Practitioner Guidebook to Implementation – Current State 2016
Chapt. 6, page 56

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Upcoming Events

December 14th, 2017
WEBINAR - IPD for Small Projects –
Is It Possible?:
An Owner’s Perspective

December 14th, 2017
A Lean Coffee/Cocktail: Building a Lean
Culture & High
Performing Teams

(Carolinas CoP)

December 15th, 2017
A Lean Coffee
(Ohio Valley CoP)

January 4th, 2018
A Lean Coffee
(Chicago CoP)

Save the DATE!
February 8th, 2018 to
February 9th, 2018

Design Forum

Save the DATE!
May 30th, 2018 to
May 31st, 2018

Design Forum

Save the DATE!
October 15th, 2018 to
October 19th, 2018

20th LCI Congress
(Orlando, FL)

Save the DATE!
October 14th, 2019 to
October 18th, 2019

21st LCI Congress
(Fort Worth, TX)

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What do you want to know about Last Planner System®? - SURVEY

To meet the increased need for Lean design and construction resources, the LCI Education Advisory Group is looking to grow its learning opportunities, but we need your feedback first!

Take this short survey to contribute to industry learning and to ensure your needs are being addressed in new LCI education resources focused on better project delivery and eliminating waste.

Take the LPS survey!

Increase owner value, eliminate waste with Target Value Delivery

The phases of Target Value Delivery (TVD) are your key to delivering on owner expectations, and LCI's "Target Value Delivery: Practitioner Guidebook to Implementation" is your how-to book for increasing owner value. Join the 20+ practitioners striving to improve their TVD process!

Explore Target Value Delivery

Bring your Lean story to LCI Congress!

By building on the lessons learned from our fellow Lean design and construction peers, we can contribute to LCI’s mission to transform the built environment. LCI Congress is the largest Lean design and construction event in the U.S., and is the perfect place to share your Lean journey’s challenges and best practices!

Look for an email after the beginning of the new year inviting you to submit your Lean story in an abstract form to be considered for the 2018 LCI Congress, our 20th anniversary event, Oct. 15-19 in Orlando, Fla.!

Mark your calendars for 2018 LCI Congress!

Do your own Gemba Walk

The 2017 LCI Congress concluded with a trip to active project sites and workshops implementing Lean processes for attendees to perform a Gemba Walk. Learn how to perform your own Gemba Walk on the Gemba page with the custom videos and resources like the Gemba Key Takeaways one-pager pulled from the LCI Congress Gemba Training presentation!

Go to the Gemba page!

2018 Lean in Design Forum, May 30-31 in Chicago – Save the Date!

Industry-leading design practitioners explain how designers benefit from applying Lean concepts during the design phase at the 2018 Lean in Design Forum in Chicago!

Mark your calendars for May 30-31 so that you don’t miss presentations and trainings on how to utilize Lean methods to save time for creative problem solving and innovative design.

Design for safety
at P2SL Lean Design Forum – Feb. 8-9

Make your plans to join designers at the P2SL Lean Design Forum at University of California, Berkeley Feb. 8-9 to hear John Gambatese, professor at Oregon State University, explain designing for safety hazard prevention in construction. Gloria Flores, daughter of engineer and entrepreneur Fernando Flores, will speak on her book, "Learning to Learn: the Navigation of Moods."

The program will also include a panel led by Todd Henderson, Boulder Associates, on the application of evidence-based healthcare design and a panel organized by Rob Williamson, Taylor Design, will report on their new approach to architectural programming.

Community of Practice (CoP) Corner - Planning for continued growth,
success in 2018

Looking back on 2017, LCI Communities of Practice (CoPs) realized many successes. To continue the momentum, CoPs are working on 2018 Strategic Plan A3s to focus on building strong core groups complete with supply chain and corporate member representation as well as planning for key roles.

The LCI Practice Committee held its annual planning meeting in Dallas on Dec. 5 to reflect on what worked in 2017 and look ahead for opportunities to improve in 2018. A few notable positives to be proud of are:

  • Engagement and advancement of CoPs
  • CoP leaders' hard work, passion
  • Improved communication between LCI and CoPs
  • Face-to-face work sessions provided value
  • Increased CoP connectivity

The LCI Practice Committee is committed to creating clarity of the organizational structure and growing CoPs with outreach efforts to increase engagement of LCI corporate members, associations and the next generation of Lean leaders – students.

Does your CoP have an innovative idea to share? Send it to Denise Erminger,

Engage your LCI CoP!

Southland Industries does #valuedelivery with increased safety

Southland Industries created a hotel elevator pipe rack so that multiple bundles of copper risers could be wheeled into a hotel elevator for a retrofit project, then shared the pipe rack photo for the #valuedelivery photo campaign. Southland’s pipe rack cut down on material handling labor and reduced the risk of injury from carrying bundles of pipe on and off the elevator.

Hotel Elevator Pipe Rack

Explore how 17 LCI corporate members deliver value with the full collection of #valuedelivery photos highlighting Last Planner System®, Lean people and processes, and Lean tools and technologies.

See #valuedelivery photos

Participate in the next LCI corporate member engagement campaign, by signing up to be a corporate member! If you have questions, contact Ilene Goldberg, Manager, Membership and Corporate Engagement.

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The Constructrr podcast recaps
2017 LCI Congress

LCI Congress Recap: Part 3
Hear as LCI Congress speakers, a planning team member and attendees talk about lowering risk with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), capturing millennials into the AEC industry with Lean, BIM technology’s role in Lean and more in part 3 of the Constructrr podcast’s LCI Congress recap. Listen now!

LCI Congress Recap: Part 4
Gain the owner’s perspective on Lean implementation, learn how to get a Lean mindset at your organization and find out how you can build a high performing team to optimize project performance in part 4 of the Constructrr podcasts’ LCI Congress recap. Listen now!


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