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December 1, 2016

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Words of Wisdom

From: Viewpoint column in ENR magazine, 11/21/16, quoting John Wiegand/Autodesk – Lean construction demands an intentional, committed philosophy and process and involved people, partners and a systematic, documented approach to problem solving…It must be ongoing, embedded in the culture and baked into the organization. And one final point: it's never complete.


Upcoming Events

December 8th
A Lean Coffee
(Upper Midwest CoP)

December 9th
A Lean Coffee
(National Capital Region CoP)

December 13th
Incorporating Lean to Improve Safety & Productivity and Practice Before You Play
(Cascadia-Seattle CoP)

December 13th
A Lean Coffee
(Central Indiana CoP)

December 13th
Culture First – A Framework for Implementing a Lean Culture
(Austin CoP)

December 14th
Highlights of the 2016 National LCI Congress
(Central Florida CoP)

December 16th
A Lean Coffee
(Southern Florida CoP)

January 26th, 2017 to
January 27th, 2017

LCI/P2SL/AIA Design Forum

May 31st, 2017 to
June 1st, 2017

LCI Design Forum

October 16th, 2017 to
October 20th, 2017

19th LCI Congress
(Anaheim, CA)

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Key Research Results Available on LCI Website

Based on two LCI-funded studies conducted by the University of Minnesota and Dodge Data and Analytics, respectively, we now have additional research-backed analysis indicating that:

  • Lean and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) promote positive project outcomes
  • Projects using a number of Lean techniques in combination are twice as likely to complete under budget and three times as likely to come in ahead of schedule

LCI is working to get the findings of these key studies briefed widely in as many regional and national forums as possible. We are seeking opportunities to present these findings in conferences of owner organizations and meetings sponsored by trade organizations around the country. Our communities of practice (CoPs) represent another critical component in our release strategy: we will be asking CoPs to sponsor programs now through early 2017 in which the results can be briefed and discussed at the local level. This will be a great opportunity to engage potential stakeholders in your specific markets and encourage them to take a harder look at the benefits of Lean. Contact Joan Piccariello for additional information,

More Information

Lean Leader Call for Videos

Deadline: Thursday, December 15, 2016 (midnight EST)

LCI wants to see your videos featuring your company's latest and greatest projects and Lean techniques, and then we want to show them off to the world! All you have to do is submit your Lean Leader video, and LCI will take care of the rest.

The marketing opportunities for your company and video are endless! LCI will...

  • Post your company and video on the LCI website with your company name and video description
  • Post the link on the LCI website that hosts your company's video on the LCI Facebook page
  • Tweet the link to the LCI webpage that hosts your video from the LCI Twitter feed
  • Feature the link of the LCI website that hosts your video on the LCI LinkedIn channel with more than 15,600 members
  • Include the link to your video in the LCI Update, our e-newsletter

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Length: 2 minutes (max)
  • Unique, fresh perspective on Lean projects and techniques, i.e. 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Systematize), A3 Thinking, Big Room, Cluster Groups, Last Planner System®, Target Value Delivery

You and your company have until Dec. 15th, 2016, to submit your Lean Leader video. The Lean Leader Call for Videos is exclusive to LCI corporate members, and we are accepting only one video per corporate membership.

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Lean Knowledge – the gift that keeps on giving

As the holiday season is approaching, you may find yourself scrambling for the perfect gifts. This year, give the gift of knowledge and learning by gifting one of LCI's publications! Any of our books are written as tools used to transform and improve company culture and advance your Lean journey.

A recent addition to LCI's Transforming Design and Construction series, Target Value Delivery: Practitioner Guidebook to Implementation – Current State 2016, is not a book that will just sit on a shelf and collect dust – it's a great "how to" manual that you can keep close by at your desk for quick reference!

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Save the Date!
P2SL / LCI / AIA Design Forum 2017 Dates Now Set

The next annual Design Forum takes place January 26-27 in Berkeley, CA. Make plans now to join us! The two-day program will feature the following sessions:

  • Session I: Lean Transformation of Design Enterprises
  • Session II: Center for Lean Engagement and Research in Healthcare
  • Session III: Collaborative Design & Scoping Process
  • Session IV: Design Process Improvement
  • Session V: Agile Methods
  • Session VI: Engineering Design

More information

Last Planner® Process Benchmark Available through P2SL

The Current Process Benchmark for the Last Planner System® is now available on the Project Production Systems Laboratory's website.

Save the Date!
LCI 2017 Congress

The 19th Annual LCI Congress takes place October 16-20 in Anaheim, CA. Make plans now to join us! The 2017 LCI Congress Planning team will be publishing the call for abstracts on January 15th. For more information, please contact Joan Piccariello,

Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

To all CoPs – please be sure to have your completed A3's uploaded to the Sharefile folder by December 9th. The Practice Committee will be using these A3's at their in-person meeting on December 13th to discuss the goals and strategies for the CoPs in the future. If you have any questions about the information asked for on the A3, please contact Ilene Goldberg.


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Community of Practice (CoP) Best Practices

All CoPs want to know what is working for other CoPs. From here on out, we will have a "CoP best practices" section in the LCI Update.

In this newsletter we are going to feature the Northern Capital Region (NCR) CoP and how they work to combine their core group meetings with their monthly Lean Coffees to make sure that their attendees have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips and that all core group members remain engaged in the CoP events.

When the NCR CoP holds their monthly Lean Coffees, they hold their core group meetings right before. Peter Ukstins, the Chair of the NCR CoP, started this practice when he took over leadership of the CoP. He says that this keeps the core group active, not only in the core group meetings, but also with attending the monthly Lean Coffees.

Peter states that, "having the Lean Coffees right after the core group meeting is a more efficient use of everyone's time. Since they are already there, they tend to stay for the Lean Coffee. Having core group representation at our Lean Coffees, gives our attendees the benefits of the wide range of experience."

Since the core group is always involved in the events, they are more interested in planning the events and making sure that the events are what their members want. By attending the Lean Coffees, the core group members have a better idea of the topics their members are interested in and what kind of events the NCR CoP should put on.

Peter says, "Keeping the core group engaged throughout the year is a struggle all CoP's seem to have. This meeting time has turned out to be a mutually beneficial arrangement!"

Thank you to the NCR CoP for giving us a way to keep the core group engaged in meetings, planning and CoP events!


If your CoP has a story or best practice that you would like to see featured in the LCI Update, please contact Ilene Goldberg,


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