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October 4, 2018

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"Milestone planning should be done as early as possible in the project, so durations in many cases are going to be estimates. Similar to conceptual estimating, this is 'conceptual planning' to provide framework."
Target Value Delivery: Practitioner Guidebook to Implementation – Current State 2016
Chapter 9, page 88

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October 5th, 2018
Disaster Strikes...
Lean to the Rescue
(A Taste of Congress)

(Chicago CoP)

October 9th, 2018
(Exhibitor Webinar)

October 10th, 2018
A Lean Coffee
(Los Angeles and Orange County CoP)

October 10th, 2018
A Lean Social at Gouveia Vineyards
(Southern New
England CoP)

October 12th, 2018
A Lean Coffee
(Georgia CoP)

October 12th, 2018
A Lean Coffee
(New Orleans CoP)

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October 15th, 2018 to
October 19th, 2018

20th LCI Congress
(Orlando, FL)

October 23rd, 2018
A Lean Coffee
(Central Indiana CoP)

October 24th, 2018
A Lean Coffee:
2018 Congress Recap

(Oklahoma CoP)

October 24th, 2018
Beyond BIM – Technology Enabled Lean Pre-Construction Processes
(Cascadia-Seattle CoP)

October 25th, 2018
A Lean Coffee
(Chicago CoP)

October 26th, 2018
A Lean Coffee
(Colorado CoP)

November 1st, 2018
IPD Contract Workshop Based on AIA-C191
(Colorado CoP)

November 1st, 2018
Lean In Action – Transforming Design
& Construction

(Southern New
England CoP)

November 2nd, 2018
A Lean Coffee
(Michigan CoP)

November 2nd, 2018
Introduction to Lean Project Delivery
(San Antonio CoP)

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May 29th, 2019 to
May 30th, 2019

2019 Design Forum
(Chicago, IL)

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October 14th, 2019 to
October 18th, 2019

21st LCI Congress
(Fort Worth, TX)

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October 19th, 2020 to
October 23th, 2020

22nd LCI Congress
(Detroit, MI)

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Will you be joining your Lean practitioner peers in Orlando later this month?

The 2018 LCI Congress is just around the corner! Register now to gain innovative ideas you can begin implementing on your next project, with programs designed specifically for your unique leadership role in the industry in Orlando, Florida, Oct. 15–19.

Register TODAY for the chance to win a FREE copy of Target Value Delivery, a practical guidebook made to provide readers with a "how to" of TVD in real projects. Three lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive a copy, and the book will be available to be picked up onsite during the event or can be mailed to you directly prior to LCI Congress. Tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 5 is the last day to be entered to win!

Move forward with your Lean journey, deepen your learning experience and leave feeling reenergized after learning from Lean design and construction thought-leaders across the Lean community. Make your plans today to gain inspiration, expand your network and foster collaboration throughout the industry.

Already registered? Add these courses to enhance your experience:

  • LEI Lead with Respect | Monday and Tuesday
    Explore why leading with respect is essential in a successful transformation and learn the seven core practices to follow in order to drive lasting change for the better.
  • LEI Leading for sustainable change – the A3 management process | Monday and Tuesday
    The A3 acts as a process for developing problem solvers as well as a management aid for on-the-job coaching of employees. Discover the true purpose of the A3 and how to effectively implement it.
  • The Visual Decision Plotter™ | Monday
    Learn a decision-making method that was developed by, and for, Lean design and construction professionals and supports Big Room behaviors with hands-on tasks that promote collaboration and respect.

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Join a free LCI Congress exhibitor webinar: Digitizing the Time & Material Process for Lean Change Management

Preview what Rhumbix has to offer in this free LCI Congress exhibitor webinar, Digitizing the Time and Material Process for Lean Change Management: Lessons Learned, on Tue., Oct. 9! Guy Skillet, VP Construction Innovation, Rhumbix, will use a case study to convey how digitizing the time and material workflow can deliver significant improvements to stakeholders. This webinar will describe changes to processes observed by both trade partners and general contractors. Register for the link to the free webinar!

Thank you to all LCI Congress exhibitors and sponsors! Find and watch other 2018 LCI Congress exhibitor webinar recordings to get a sneak peek at their innovative ideas and technology heading to the Exhibit Hall in Orlando, Florida. How to access webinars:

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Upcoming eLearning release:
Introduction to Lean Project Delivery

The LCI Immersive Education Program is adding another eLearning course to its list with the release of Introduction to Lean Project Delivery following the 20th Annual LCI Congress! This will be your chance to easily introduce Lean to project teams all across the country, as eLearners can advance through the modules at their own pace without taking time off from work. Watch out for a preview of the eLearning course that will be available during of LCI Congress.

LCI Congress attendees will receive a discount code for 10 percent off the new eLearning course. To get LCI corporate member volume discounts of up to 65 percent off the new eLearning course or the Introduction to the Last Planner System® eLearning course already available, email

Access eLearning!

LCI Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

2018 LCI Congress attendees will have multiple chances to connect with and learn from Lean practitioners!

  • CoP Practice Committee Lean Lab presentation, Wed. Oct. 17 at 11:35 a.m., where you can learn more about the value of local LCI CoPs.
  • Meet Your CoP Luncheon, Wed. Oct. 17 at 12:30 p.m., where you can network with CoP members in your region over lunch.

The LCI National Practice Committee will meet with CoP leaders during LCI Congress week to discuss ways to eliminate constraints that impact most LCI CoPs such as engaging LCI corporate members on CoP core groups and partnering with industry associations to increase reach.

When you're at LCI Congress, be sure to visit Denise Erminger at the CoP Information booth! For more information about LCI CoPs ahead of LCI Congress, contact Denise Erminger,

Connect with your closest LCI CoP

Don't miss these LCI Congress blog posts!

Keep up with the LCI Congress blog leading up to the event to get an inside look at presentations on prefabrication and filling the talent gap from interviews with speakers and planning team members. Throughout these blog posts, you will find best practices for maximizing value during LCI Congress week.

2018 Congress Blog

ConsensusDocs publishes industry's first Lean Addendum standard contract document

The ConsensusDocs 305 is the industry's first Lean Addendum standard contract document that utilizes Lean tools and processes without an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) agreement. This offers a contractual mechanism for owners, designers, engineers, general contractors and trade partners to take advantage of Lean design and construction efficiencies in a significantly shorter form than other Integrated Forms of Agreement (IFOAs). LCI members can use discount code: LCI100 at checkout to save on this purchase.

"This new standard addendum is perfect for all stakeholders involved in the design and construction process interested in incorporating Lean processes on CM At-Risk projects," says Joe Cleves, partner at Taft law firm.

Last session of DBIA-WPR
Owner's Council Webinars:
Delivering a Lean Design-Build Project

David Umstot, Umstot Project and Facilities Solutions, LLC, will lead the final webinar in the 2018 DBIA-Western Pacific Region (WPR) Owners Council Webinar Series on Thu., Oct. 11 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Register for The Delivering a Lean Design-Build Project webinar to receive the link to join!

COAA's owner-focused
leadership opportunities

Planning, design and construction professionals learn and collaborate at COAA events, and three opportunities are upcoming in La Jolla, California, Nov. 13-16. Register and learn more about each event such as the schedules and who attends:

Do you know architecture students
who can benefit from tips & tricks
to thriving in the industry?

THRIVE is a four-part series of educational sessions for members of The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) to learn tips and tricks for thriving in the profession. Tulane University will host the event with AIA New Orleans on Nov. 3 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. This program is relevant to undergraduate and graduate students in addition to more experienced practitioners who can serve as mentors to our industry's future leaders.

Registration & More info

LCI staff takes on new Lean initiatives

The LCI staff wrapped up our first Lean book club after analyzing chapters on Lean topics like takt time and small batch work in Robert O. Martichenko's "Everything I Know About Lean I learned In First Grade." Every two weeks, the staff in Arlington would gather around a table with our out-of-state staff calling in to discuss what we read and how we can apply the Lean processes to our daily work to continuously add value to the Lean community.

Currently, the LCI staff is working on A3s that stemmed from an LCI Congress registration retrospective meeting that identified aspects of the process that we should start, stop and keep. Individuals volunteered to champion topics and will report back with an analysis of the current state and recommendations to carry forward next year.


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