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June 27, 2016

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Words of Wisdom

From: Leadership and Lean/IPD Projects, in Transforming Design and Construction, Lean Construction Institute, 2015, pp. 71-72.
The fundamental activities of the leader are rhetorical and conversational. Leaders make, seek and clarify assessments; make requests and invite offers; and solicit reliable commitments from team members. They facilitate conversations, and identify and adjust to emerging team concerns. The fundamental skill of the leader is listening to the concerns of the community, and to the possibilities that can be brought to the circumstances in which the community finds itself.


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Upcoming Events

June 29th
The First Medical Campus at a Major University in Decades
(Austin CoP)

June 29th
WEBINAR - What does a Lean Project Delivery System look like?
(LCI Ireland)

July 7th
A Lean Coffee
(Chicago CoP)

July 7th
A Lean Coffee
(Middle Tennessee CoP)

July 11th
WEBINAR- On Time and On Budget

July 12th
A Lean Coffee
(Central Indiana CoP)

July 15th
A Lean Coffee
(National Capital Region CoP)

July 18th thru 24th
IGLC presents: On the Brink of the Lean Revolution
(Boston, MA)

July 20th
A Lean Coffee
(Kansas City CoP)

August 5th
Industry Day
(San Diego CoP)

August 16th
Benefits of Lean Series - Toyota Georgetown Plant Tour
(Ohio Valley and Central Indiana CoPs)

October 3rd thru 7th
18th Annual LCI Congress
(Chicago, IL)

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Why Congress?
Congress' goal is to bring the Lean Design and Construction community further together to share Lean leadership training, networking opportunities and ways to implement Lean in all aspects of a company.

You can now register for LCI's 18th Annual Congress in Chicago, Ill., at the button below:

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Please join us October 3-7 to take advantage of our Lean training days, keynote speakers, Gemba Day and panelists highlighting their real-world Lean journeys. Congress week is also full of networking opportunities for attendees!

Here is a preview of this year's colorful agenda:

  • October 3-4 will offer 20+ training courses in the following tracks: Focus on People, Lean Executive Courses, Lean Improvement Tools, Lean Fundamentals, Lean in Design and Path to Certification.
  • October 5-6 will include 5 breakout sessions that allow attendees to choose which introductory or advanced presentations will benefit them the most. The breakout session tracks are: Building People, Leading Change in Design and Construction, Lessons Learned, Safety and Scaling Lean in the Enterprise.
  • October 7 is Gemba Day, and attendees can choose to visit one of several sites featuring Lean implementation and Lean's progress in today's building environment.

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Highlight of a Special Congress Sponsorship

Deluxe Sponsor – Cocktail Charging Stations - $20,000

  1. Name/Logo Recognition on all LCI printed literature including program, LCI website and Congress e-mails
  2. Pre and Post Congress attendee lists
  3. Private room to entertain clients
  4. White 72" tall kiosk with four custom printed fabric panels* and 16 charging posts
  1. Counter-Height table –android and apple compatible
  2. Listing in Congress app with logo and 75-word company description
  3. The six cocktail charging stations will be placed throughout the exhibit area and allow for 16 multiple devices to be charged at the same time. Your logo and tagline on fabric panels on cocktail tables.
    *Client may keep fabric panels for future use

For more information about sponsorship and exhibit opportunities, please contact Ilene Goldberg,

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"This is Lean" – an Important Resource Still Available through LCI

For those who have yet to discover it, we highly recommend the LCI Special Edition: This Is Lean, first made available at our Congress meeting last fall. Authored by Niklas Modig & Pär Åhlström, This is Lean gives an easily accessible, structured, and inspiring account and description of Lean. Most important perhaps is the value and effect of the joint development of the whole organization, and the structured way of working. Here are enormous benefits to be gained — for co-workers, for the company and organization, and not least, the customer. To order this and/or other LCI resources:

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Lean in the Public Sector - LIPS 2016 - In Search of Excellence

LIPS 2016 will focus on lessons from global best-run Lean Construction projects in the public sector on 12-14 September in Helsingor, Denmark. This annual Lean Construction in the Public Sector Conference meets for the first time in Scandinavia. With updates from the EU commission on Lean Construction as a possible mean to enhance productivity, and prominent speakers on, e.g., "Myths or legal restrictions in public construction?" you simply have to secure your seat. Prepare yourself to be inspired! Registration for LIPS 2016 is now open.

More Information

IGLC 2016 – Advances in Lean Design & Construction Practice full-day event in Boston

Don't forget the 24th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction set to take place on Tuesday, July 19, for a dynamic dialogue about the latest challenges and solutions that have emerged in New England, across the US, and abroad! With at least 10 sessions and 19 speakers confirmed already (including Stuart Eckblad of UCSF Health, Derek Drysdale formerly of Highways England, and Company Leader, Superintendent, and Trade Partner panels), this full-day event will feature a rich discussion about what it takes to lead, implement, and sustain a Lean transformation within organizations and on projects.

Additional Details

CURT/LCI/AGC Lean Summit a Success

Our 7th annual jointly-sponsored Lean Summit with CURT and AGC took place June 15 in Henderson, NV. Introductory and advanced tracks allowed attendees to participate in a variety of sessions geared to their interest and experience with Lean. These included discussions on what makes Lean different from traditional practice, owner's perspectives on Lean, and an operating systems "deep dive." As an example, Dan Fauchier (ReAlignment Group of CA) spoke about the problems with traditional construction processes and results, with industry-wide productivity hovering at 54%. This leads to missing promises about half the time. Result: the "next" crews can't get started as planned, follow-on promises get missed, "others" are always to blame, schedules slip, and last-minute acceleration creates rushed installations, rework and compromised safety. In contrast, Last Planner® implementation creates major benefits for owners and other team members, including: better planning and removal of constraints to productivity.

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Owners Weigh in Heavily

Rich Seiler, Chairman, LCI Chicago Community of Practice, has provided these notes from a recent owners' forum sponsored by the Chicago CoP. For two hours following day one of the LCI/P2SL/AIA Design Forum in Chicago, four significantly practiced Lean owners answered rapid-fire questions from a diverse audience of contractors, designers and other owners. The participants sparked the session by writing their questions on sticky notes and enthusiastically posting them on the board. All eyes and ears were on our advisor owners as they inquisitively peeled the inquires one-by-one and took turns enlightening the curious room with their refreshingly insightful and candid responses.

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Key Owner Organization Calls for Industry-Wide Cooperation on Lean to Enhance Productivity

The Large Owners Group (LOG) recently wrote to LCI and a number of other membership-based groups representing owners, constructors and designers to urge us to better collaborate as a means of addressing the productivity challenge for the industry. The letter reads in part: "We are reaching out to you and nine other key consortia who we believe can be instrumental in bringing much needed improvements to our Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) industry. During this past year, several companies who build, own and operate major capital assets have joined together to develop a Large Owners Group network consisting of senior representatives from 17 of the largest non-governmental companies in the country…With this shared awareness, we are committed to work together as owners to do our part in improving our EPC industry, and we have been meeting with the goal to collectively improve ourselves and help the industry deliver more value at reasonable cost and schedule on our projects. We believe applying lean and integrated principles and improving collaboration between ourselves and our key supply chain partners are necessary to achieve the improvements we seek...

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National Webinar:

On Time and On Budget
July 11, 2016, 11:00am - 12:30pm EDT
James Pease, Sutter Health

James Pease will present his experience with Lean Integrated Project Delivery over the last six years at Sutter Health. The presentation will focus on several projects delivered with Integrated Forms of Agreement ranging in size from $3M to $160M. Attendees should take away an understanding of Sutter's current project delivery process and the Lean tools used from initial concept through completion.

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Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

Hello all CoP Chairs! LCI is re-forming the Practice Committee and we need volunteers from your core groups to help us staff the committee. If you have someone willing and able to help us out, please let Ilene Goldberg, know. Thank you!

From our Fort Worth CoP work session, four key concerns were raised by the CoPs as things they'd like LCI's aid with:

  • Enhancing the two-way communication between the CoPs and LCI
  • Improve "onboarding" guidance and help for new CoPs
  • Greater ability to manage CoP lists/events, plus a more user-friendly website
  • Help with speakers and programming ideas

LCI would like your help. We are putting together a task force of CoP Chairs, LCI staff and Board members to make sure that we meet your conditions of satisfaction on these matters. If any of the CoP Chairs are interested in working on one of the four key areas, please contact Ilene Goldberg,


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Dan C. Heinemeier, CAE
Executive Director

Ph: (423) 760-3667 · @:

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