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March 14, 2016

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Words of Wisdom

From: "Continuous Estimating" in Transforming Design and Construction, LCI, 2015, p. 228.
In order to make accurate, value-based decisions, meaningful real-time understanding of the cost implications of each decision is necessary. Continuous Estimation provides early validation of Want vs. Need – a balancing act with constant tradeoffs. Cost can and should inform design. Understanding the cost implications of design decisions is a valuable tool for designers to better align with owner intent and maximize the value of their design. In many cases, a continuously updated estimate prevents the frustrating and expensive re-design common to capital projects.


LCI Welcomes Our New Member!

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Upcoming Events

March 15th
A Lean Coffee
(Las Vegas CoP)

March 15th
Benefits of Lean Series - Using Design Assist to Meet an Extraordinary Challenge
(Ohio Valley CoP)

March 16th
A Lean Coffee
(Cascadia Portland CoP)

March 16th
Identifying Waste in the Design and Construction of Projects
(Central Florida CoP)

March 16th
Ask Your Community
Q & A

(Arizona CoP)

March 17th
A Lean Coffee
(Upper Midwest CoP)

March 17th
Fireside Chat with Executive Director, Dan Heinemeier

March 18th
A Lean Coffee
(National Capital Region CoP)

March 21st
A Lean Coffee
(Austin CoP)

March 24th
A Lean Coffee
(Georgia CoP)

March 24th
Special Event with Sammy Obara of Honsha
(San Diego CoP)

March 25th
Lean 101 - Foundational Overview of Lean
(Colorado CoP)

March 30th
Sustaining Excellence Through Innovation
(LCI Ireland)

June 1st and 2nd
Design Forum
(Chicago, IL)

October 3rd thru 7th
18th Annual LCI Congress
(Chicago, IL)


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18th LCI Congress Sponsors

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Last Chance – Congress abstracts are due by Tomorrow, March 15th!

On behalf of the Congress Planning Team, we encourage those within your companies and organizations to submit abstracts to present at the 18th Annual Congress, October 3-7 in Chicago. Our theme this year is Building People, Transforming Culture.

The 2016 Congress planning team is particularly interested in presentations on these key focus areas:

  • Building People
  • Safety
  • Scaling Lean in the Enterprise
  • Lessons Learned
  • Leading Change in Design and Construction

We look forward to your submissions. We are accepting abstracts from member and non-member companies.

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Congress Sponsorships and Exhibit Opportunities

LCI invites you to participate as a sponsor or exhibitor at our 18th Annual Congress. Congress has enjoyed a 40% growth rate in attendance over the past three years with almost 1.000 registrants in 2015…and 28% of the companies in the $712B construction market have implemented at least one Lean practice. That's HUGE buying power. Hit your top prospects and launch your Lean journey at the LCI Congress, 2016! There are a limited number of exhibit booths left so please contact Ilene Goldberg, about sponsorship or exhibit opportunities!

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LCI/P2SL/AIA Design Forum – June 1-2, Chicago IL

Designers, have you embraced "Lean" principles and techniques yet? If not, odds are you have competitors who have. Don't fall behind! The annual Lean in Design forum is geared to providing education and interactive discussion around topics such as understanding primary Lean tools relevant to Design as well as Construction. Learn how design firms are using Lean to better collaborate with trade and construction partners in Design, including how to create and implement Target Value Design sessions. How do these projects differ from traditional practice? What are the benefits of using Lean tools and techniques in reducing waste and better meeting the client's conditions of satisfaction? Join one of six "Learning Round Tables" on Lean tools and culture led by designers experienced in each topic, with plenty of opportunity for more in-depth dialogue and learning.

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Staff Cameo

LCI wants you to get to know our staff – what they do and who you can go to for assistance with your questions. Therefore, in our LCI Updates, we will be featuring a staff person for you to "meet" and become familiar with and this time it's Shannyn Heyer-Cardin, our Manager of Finance and Strategic Initiatives.
(617) 905-1694

Shannyn is from Long Island, NY and has worked in accounting for 16 years. She has a BA in Literature from Arizona State and an MBA from UMass Boston. Shannyn has been with LCI since 2009 and says that she enjoys seeing the passion for Lean within the LCI community as well as the flexibility that LCI gives her to run her own business and work with LCI's members and clients.

Shannyn runs her own accounting business and has three children, her husband and 13 clients. If she was not running her business she would be renovating houses. She loves country music and football. She and Ilene Goldberg are very patriotic. They share a birthday – Inauguration Day!

Target Value Design Summit

LCI hosted a very productive Target Value Design Summit March 2nd-4th in Denver. The Summit was hosted by the LCI Standards and Education Committees, and attended by over 20 participants. Kristin Hill, InsideOut Consulting, Christian Pikel, UHS, and Katherine Copeland, Southland Industries, facilitated the meeting. Rebecca Snelling, JE Dunn Construction, was our host. The proceedings and outcome from the meeting will be published in a book that will describe the "how" of TVD and help guide LCI members in their TVD practice with practical tools. The book will be distributed at LCI's Congress on October 3-7, 2016. LCI thanks all the TVD Summit participants for their efforts! For more information on the TVD initiative, contact Joan Piccariello,

Owner Satisfaction Survey – a Critical Tool to Understanding the Benefits of Collaborative Projects

LCI needs your help as we seek to encourage many more owners to complete the online survey we are sponsoring (with the help of Dodge Data and Analytics) to understand the current state of owner satisfaction with project outcomes and create a baseline for future improvement. The survey is not overly time-consuming, and simply asks respondents to compare metrics on a typical project with one of their best projects in the interest of deriving an understanding of what makes for successful outcomes. If you represent an owner, please take the survey. As a contractor or designer, please encourage one or more of your clients to submit a response.

Take Survey Here

Dan's Fireside Chat

March 17, 2016 – 1:00pm EDT-1:30pm EDT
Dan Heinemeier, Executive Director, LCI

LCI is committed to improving our members' understanding about our products and services. This inaugural "fireside chat" webinar will kick off a series of webinars in which LCI executive director Dan Heinemeier will highlight some of LCI's programs, benefits and projects, and answer questions about LCI's current and future plans.

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Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

The CoP Chairs are having a hands-on work session in Fort Worth, Tx, March 28-29. It will start on the evening of March 28th with a dinner/networking event with the meeting to follow on the 29th. The purpose of this meeting is to have dialogue with LCI Board leaders on the programs and future direction for the CoPs and how LCI can best help them achieve their goals given their current needs. If you have not RSVP'd or chosen a representative from your CoP to attend, please contact Ilene Goldberg, to make arrangements.

LCI will reimburse you for expenses so, please get your flight arrangements to Ilene as soon as possible and how many nights you need in the hotel so we can make sure you are on the master account. Also, be thinking about the past year that your CoP has had. We are going to have a quick 2015 plus/delta at the beginning of the session. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!

The Continuous Improvement Team at RTD has invited the Colorado Community of Practice to speak about their Lean journey at the Front Range Lean Practitioners' (FRLP) quarterly meeting. The theme of the meeting is "Sustaining a Continuous Improvement Program." The Colorado CoP Chair, Charles Rountree will be speaking with the rest of their core group about some of the major obstacles the CoP has faced and overcome along with current obstacles they are facing on forwarding their Lean journey as a CoP. This is a great opportunity for the Colorado CoP as well as LCI to give exposure to Lean and continuous improvement as well as have the opportunity to make new contacts with others in the community interested in Lean.


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