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January 28, 2016

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Words of Wisdom

From: Integrated Project Delivery Requires a New Project Manager, by William R. Seed, IGLC white paper, p. 3.
The Integrated Project Manager (IPM) will be required to eliminate siloed development activities. This can be accomplished through the establishment of Cluster Groups usually developed around common building systems. These cluster groups are multi-disciplinary, including Architect, Engineer, Building Expert, Estimators, End Users and others. The IPM…must build trust and respect amongst team members. They must drive constructive conflict so that all ideas/concepts are presented, discussed, openly considered and either implemented or discarded.


LCI Welcomes Our New Members!

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Upcoming Events

January 28th and 29th
LCI / P2SL / AIA Design Forum 2016
(Berkeley, CA)

January 29th
Villego: A Last Planner® Experience
(Upper Midwest CoP)

February 4th
How Satisfied, Really Satisfied are Owners
(Carolinas CoP)

February 10th
Lean Happy Hour
(Northern California CoP)

February 11th
Panel Discussion: North Park University Project
(Chicago CoP)

February 17th
Making a Lean Transformation – a Trade Partner's Perspective
(Arizona CoP)

February 18th
Lean Coffee
(Upper Midwest CoP)

February 19th
WEBINAR- Target Value Design, with Dave Umstot

February 25th
Intro to Choosing by Advantages
(Dallas-Fort Worth CoP)

March 1st
2016 Kickoff Event
(National Capital Region CoP)

June 1st and 2nd
Design Forum
(Chicago, IL)

October 3rd thru 7th
18th Annual LCI Congress
(Chicago, IL)


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The 2016 Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Congress Call for Abstracts is open and we are ready to hear from you!

Our theme this year is Building People, Transforming Culture. Whether it is an improvement on a fundamental Lean practice or the use of a new technology, the 2016 Planning Committee is looking forward to your submission. If you feel you have a new story to tell or an update on a previous one, please submit your abstract. This year's evaluations of abstracts will be more stringent as we continue to select high quality presentations. We will be reducing the number of presentations by 25% as we intend to reduce the number of concurrent tracks offered to attendees. Do you have a colleague who has something to share? If so, pass this along and encourage them to submit an abstract. We need your help to make this year's Congress the most impactful yet!

For those of you who have yet to present at LCI Congress, there are so many great reasons to participate –sessions specific to owners, designers, trade partners and general contractors, plus education and site visits. But perhaps the most important reason is the incredible networking that takes place, with stories shared about Lean successes and challenges. This has always been the hallmark of Congress week, and this year will be no exception!

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For Sponsorship and Exhibiting opportunities for the 2016 LCI Congress, contact Ilene Goldberg at

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LCI Co-Founder Greg Howell interviewed by The Construction Leading Edge

The link below provides access to a blog-style interview with Greg Howell in which he describes the origins of Lean Construction, including insights from his personal background and experience that helped shape some of his thinking in its development.

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New ConsensusDocs 300 now Published

The 300 series document is the key, multi-party IPD agreement developed and distributed by ConsensusDocs, a coalition to which LCI belongs dedicated to providing the best-available contract forms in support of the construction industry. We want to recognize with our thanks these members who have made significant contributions toward successful completion of the new document: Joe Cleves, Will Lichtig and Joel Darrington. For more information and to obtain the 300 document.

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According to a recent press release from our member company CBRE, Mount Sinai has just become the first health system in New York City to execute an Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA) for their capital program at Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital. The IFOA signatory parties include the architect and engineer, as well as Turner Construction Company (contractor). In addition to these prime parties, a number of local trade contractors have signed adjoining agreements as part of the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team. The IFOA was based on a modified agreement developed by Hansen Bridgett LLP (also a member of LCI). Though the details of the contract have just been finalized, the IPD team began operating in a collaborative manner as they started work on the project over a year ago, with CBRE Group lending its IPD experience to promote success.

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Calling all Owners: "Phase Two" Industry Satisfaction Survey Needs your Input

LCI is spearheading efforts to collect project performance and satisfaction data in a survey being conducted by Dodge Data and Analytics. Why is this study needed? Reflect for a moment on these questions: How reliable is your current approach to deliver capital projects? How much of every dollar spent on capital projects is translated into asset value? Would you be interested in discovering ways to deliver every project on time (and for 10% less than what you normally would spend)? The on-line survey asks owners to provide cost, schedule, quality and safety performance for a specific project that they consider to be typical, and the same performance measures for a specific project they consider to be one of their best. While the 32 responses received in "phase one" last fall sufficed to do statistically valid analysis of the results, more are needed now to permit critical analyses by sector, firm size, etc., and to show meaningful patterns that can help the industry take best advantage of these findings. All data submitted is confidential.

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National Webinar:

Target Value Design
February 19, 2016 – 11:00am EST-12:30pm EST
Dave Umstot, Umstot Project and Facilities Solutions LLC

Target Value Design – What is it? Why are Owners using it? What are the common pitfalls and keys to success?

Join your LCI Colleagues and Dave Umstot to learn the answers to these questions and more. Topics to be covered include the importance of defining the value in the "Owners Eyes," how Owners and team are setting cost targets, the need for conceptual and concurrent estimating, transparency of estimating and contingencies, the necessity of early engagement of specialty trade contractors and set-based design and concurrent engineering. Dave will also share from his deep experience on projects as both an owner and coach.

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A Big Boost to your Lean Journey

If you have not as yet done so, be sure to take a look at the "Transforming Design and Construction" book that is available for order from the LCI website. Over 4,000 copies of this seminal work have gone out in orders large and small to your colleagues and competitors across the industry. Find out what they now know and are using to promote discussion and learning of key Lean concepts across their project teams and organizations.

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Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

There will be a CoP Chair's call (invitation only) with featured guest Steve Miller, LCI Marketing Consultant, on February 23rd at 11:30am EST. This is a must attend event. Steve will be working with the CoPs and giving a presentation on how to better market your events and your position in your local market. If the CoP Chair cannot attend, please have someone come in your place.

National Capital Region (NCR) 2016 Kickoff Event
March 1, 2016 – 5:30pm EST-8:30pm EST
Speakers: Peter Ukstins, James G. Davis Construction and Bevan Mace, Balfour Beatty Construction
Top of the Town, Arlington VA

Are you frustrated by the way you currently design and build capital projects? Would you be interested in discovering ways to deliver every project on time and under budget? Did you know there is a community of like-minded industry practitioner's right here in the National Capital Region working toward those same objectives?

Join us for an evening with fellow owners, architects, engineers, and constructors to connect and learn how others are getting lean. In addition to casual networking, food, and drinks, we will have a short program including:

  • A look ahead at the NCR schedule for 2016. Peter Ukstins, CoP Chair, will highlight NCR upcoming events for you to further your lean journey.
  • Bevan Mace will discuss the LCI Owner Satisfaction Survey. The goal of the survey is to track owner satisfaction and levels of success with Integrated Project Delivery, Lean tools and techniques, and related aspects of collaborative systems of project delivery.

Event Schedule
5:30-6:30: Networking
6:30-7:00: Presentations by Peter Ukstins and Bevan Mace
7:00-8:30: Networking

Appetizers will be served during the networking portion of this event. Each attendee will also receive beer/wine vouchers.

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