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January 14, 2016

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From: The glossary accompanying Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change, LCI, 2015, pp. 254.
RELIABLE PROMISE: A promise made by a Performer only after self-assuring that the promisor (1) is competent or has access to the competence (both skill and wherewithal); (2) has estimated the amount of time the task will take; (3) has blocked all the needed time to perform; (4) is freely committing and is not privately doubting ability to achieve the outcome; and (5) is prepared to accept any upset that may result from failure to deliver as promised. This book, published by LCI, may still be ordered at https://www.lean


LCI Welcomes Our New Members!

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Upcoming Events

January 14th
(New York CoP)

January 15th
A Lean Coffee
(National Capital Region CoP)

January 19th
A Lean Coffee
(Las Vegas CoP)

January 20th
A Lean Coffee
(Kansas City CoP)

January 20th
First steps to a Lean Journey
(Arizona CoP)

January 21st
Owners Panel Breakfast – Universities Leaning In
(New York CoP)

January 21st
Lean Coffee
(Upper Midwest CoP)

January 21st
Value Stream Mapping
(San Diego CoP)

January 28th and 29th
LCI / P2SL / AIA Design Forum 2016
(Berkeley, CA)

January 29th
Villego: A Last Planner® Experience
(Upper Midwest CoP)

February 19th
WEBINAR- Target Value Design, with Dave Umstot

February 25th
Intro to Choosing by Advantages
(Dallas-Fort Worth CoP)

June 1st and 2nd
Design Forum
(Chicago, IL)

October 3rd thru 7th
18th Annual LCI Congress
(Chicago, IL)


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Happy New Year, and best wishes for continued success in pursuing your Lean journey in 2016! We look forward to another great year of learning and networking opportunities through our Communities of Practice programs and national events.

2015 Lean Construction Journal Just Published to the Web

Our LCJ editorial team recently produced its annual year-end edition for 2015. See the link below for a look at their latest journal:

2015 Lean Construction Journal

The P2SL-LCI-AIA Lean Design Forum in Berkeley

is coming right up: Thursday, January 28, 2016 8:00 AM - Friday, January 29, 2016 12:00 PM (Pacific Time). Register before Thursday, January 14 to get $100 discount. Sponsorship opportunities are also available for this event; please follow up with Glenn Ballard via email or call him 415-710-5531. The program will be outstanding again this year:

Register Here

Sessions I and II (all morning): Yrana Haahtela and Ari Pennanen of Haahtela in Finland – Increasing Accuracy of Conceptual Estimates
Session III: SmithGroup architects from different practice areas will share how their experience on lean projects has changed how they do design.
Session IV: Wicked Problems - Following up on last year's presentations on problem framing as a key to design success, Bill Andrews of Walter P. Moore Structural Engineers and Will Loftis of Jones, Lang, Lasalle will share cases in which they faced "wicked problems."

Session V: Jeff Loeb of CH2M Hill - How Kanban Method (the pull production system invented by Toyota) is being used to coordinate and improve design and knowledge-based work in the construction industry.
CH2M's practice of Kanban Method is based upon David Anderson's pioneering work in agile product development.
Session VI: Renee Cheng and Markku Allison will present the findings of a survey on Integrated Project Delivery projects.

Call for Abstracts Now Open for June Lean in Design Forum!

The call for abstracts is now open, and we are ready to hear from you! Whether it is an improvement on a fundamental Lean practice or the use of a new technology, the 2016 Lean in Design Forum Planning Committee is looking forward to your submission. If you feel you have a new story to tell about how you are implementing Lean in your practice or an update on a previous Design Forum presentation, even if it is not fully developed, please send in your abstract and our team will contact you for more information. We need your help to make this year's Design Forum the most impactful yet!

Submit Now

For questions on abstract submissions, please contact Dan Heinemeier,

LCI Congress Call for Abstracts Coming Soon!

Please watch out for the 2016 LCI Congress call for abstracts in your email box next week! We encourage submissions from the Owner, Designer, General Contractor, Trade and Academic Communities. The 2016 planning team is particularly interested in presentations on these key focus areas:

  • Building People
  • Safety
  • Scaling Lean in the Enterprise
  • Lessons Learned
  • Leading Change in Design and Construction

For more information please contact Joan Piccariello,

Call for Photos of Lean Projects

LCI would like your help in collecting photos of Lean Projects that will be used in LCI educational material. We would appreciate photos of teams involved in pull planning or simulation games, any visual cues on project sites and any photos of Lean Projects with a note on the positive results of using Lean. This opportunity is available for LCI Corporate Members only. Please email Joan Piccariello: with your photos and description of Lean events.

LCJ Paper Discusses Sustainability of Risk/Reward Contract Model

Among the papers in the current Journal is a one created by LCI co-founder Glenn Ballard and nine other authors (including representatives of LCI member firms Devenney Group, Southland Industries, DPR Construction, Superior Air Handling) dealing with the potential impact of unsuccessful Lean/IPD projects on future willingness to utilize and propagate this model. The article suggests numerous counter-measures based on a project case study, including: Owners must commit to the economic success of suppliers, and suppliers to delivery of customer value; owners should pursue continuous improvement, but respect companies' need to make profits; risk pool participants should not be foolish about the realism of cost targets when a gap exists between allowable and market cost; keep close track of the scope of work and be sure to revalidate cost estimates when scope changes; involve those who will actually design and construct as early as possible to maximize the impact on design and constructability. Many other countermeasures and cautionary notes are provided in the full paper.

LCI Education Committee Update

The LCI Education Committee will be publishing an Improved Instructor process soon. The committee has plans to continually improve the LCI courses that were taught at Congress. The Education Committee, in conjunction with the Standards Committee is supporting a TVD Workshop in the first quarter of 2016. White papers on TVD processes and an inventory of tools are the intended outcome of the TVD Workshop.

Peckar & Abramson Opens Texas Offices

One of our law firm members has just announced the addition of three new offices serving the construction community across Texas, in Austin, Dallas and Houston, based on the addition of a new, Texas-based legal team.

International Lean News

In a 12/22 article entitled, "The Ontario General Contractors Association courses dive into lean construction," a new round of introductory coursework is becoming available through OGCA (Canada). "While the concept of lean construction isn't new, the fact of the matter is that lately it's on everybody's lips," says OGCA president Clive Thurston. "Clearly there's an appetite for this," he says. Such is the reason why the OGCA is hosting several courses on lean in the New Year. The initial, one-day workshop is designed specifically for the construction sector, and will provide a basic introduction and awareness of Lean Construction thinking, principles, tools and practices.

More information

National Webinar:

Target Value Design
February 19, 2016 – 11:00am EST-12:30pm EST
Dave Umstot, Umstot Project and Facilities Solutions LLC

Target Value Design – What is it? Why are Owners using it? What are the common pitfalls and keys to success?

Join your LCI Colleagues and Dave Umstot to learn the answers to these questions and more. Topics to be covered include the importance of defining the value in the "Owners Eyes," how Owners and team are setting cost targets, the need for conceptual and concurrent estimating, transparency of estimating and contingencies, the necessity of early engagement of specialty trade contractors and set-based design and concurrent engineering. Dave will also share from his deep experience on projects as both an owner and coach.

Register Here

Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

Happy New Year to all of the CoPs, members and meeting attendees! We hope you have been learning quite a bit from these local events in your area and want to highlight another for you.
Interview of Michigan State University on Lean/IPD Principles for Capital Projects!
LeanNYC – NY CoP Owner's Forum "Universities Leaning In"
January 21, 2016 – 8:00am-10:00am (breakfast will be served)

How are universities able to utilize IPD and Lean principals for their capital projects regardless of size or budget? What are the advantages and challenges to implementing Lean and IPD in a University setting?

Come and join the LeanNYC for an in-depth look at the Shaw Dining Hall Project on the campus of Michigan State University, an ILPD project. You will hear the Owner side of the story and the university's experience with ILPD throughout the validation, design and construction process. You will also hear about the six years of research, metrics and lessons learned they have documented on the overall work on the project.

Christopher Marcella, Director of Design, NY State University Construction Fund

Tariq Abdelhamid, Chief Lean Performance Officer, Michigan State University
Chad Stirrett, Chief of Planning and Organizational Performance, Michigan State University

Register Here

The CoP Chairs have a must attend webinar on February 23rd at 11:30AM EST to discuss marketing ideas and recommendations. If you cannot make it, please send someone in your place as this will be a very important discussion. We will also go over any new information from LCI National.


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