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January 5, 2017

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Words of Wisdom

From: Target Value Delivery, Practitioner Guidebook to Implementation, Lean Construction Institute, 2016, p. 36.
How TVD Removes Wasteful Rework: In traditional projects it is common to uncover problems in the design near the end of construction and so suddenly run late and over-budget; or there is suddenly a need to compromise the scope in order to appear to stay on time or on budget. The result is wasted time and effort in the form of design rework or “negative” design iteration, removal of valued scope, and ultimately field rework for issues not addressed or fully resolved during design.


Upcoming Events

January 6th
AC Hotel Project Tour (Gemba Walk)
(Oklahoma CoP)

January 10th
A Lean Coffee
(Central Indiana CoP)

January 11th
Design Management Scheduling Using a Kanban Board
(Northern California CoP)

January 12th
A Lean Coffee
(Upper Midwest CoP)

January 12th
Visual Data Analytics for Proactive Project Controls on Construction Sites
(San Diego CoP)

January 13th
A Lean Coffee
(National Capital Region CoP)

January 18th
Why Projects Excel – The Business Case for Lean Construction
(New York City CoP)

January 18th
StandOut – Driving Engagement & Accelerating Performance
(Arizona CoP)

January 24th
An Owners Coffee
(Central Indiana CoP)

January 26th, 2017 to
January 27th, 2017

LCI/P2SL/AIA Design Forum

February 14th
A Lean Coffee
(Central Indiana CoP)

May 31st, 2017 to
June 1st, 2017

LCI Design Forum

October 16th, 2017 to
October 20th, 2017

19th LCI Congress
(Anaheim, CA)

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Lean Construction Journal Releases 2016 Issue

LCI has released the Lean Construction Journal (LCJ) 2016 Issue to the LCI website. The 2016 Issue contains technical papers on various topics, including Lean design management, a metric model for Lean construction maturity, and more. This issue also contains a process benchmark for the Last Planner System® and a book review of “Quality Management in Construction.” The LCJ Journal has been published annually since 2003 with a goal to stimulate a systematic rethinking of construction processes by providing a shared pool of knowledge from practitioners, consultants and academics.

LCJ 2016 Issue

Two new LCI staff positions now in the hiring process

LCI is hiring! If you know of anyone that may have an interest in either of these two positions, we would appreciate it if you would pass along the announcement.

  • Director of Education Programs
  • Manager, LCI Communities of Practice Relations

More Information

Call for Abstracts Coming Soon
LCI 2017 Congress

The 19th Annual LCI Congress takes place October 16-20 in Anaheim, CA. Make plans now to join us! The 2017 Congress Theme is Capture and Leverage the Lean Advantage. The 2017 LCI Congress Planning team will be publishing the call for abstracts on January 15th. For more information, please contact Joan Piccariello,

Join us on January 26-27!
P2SL / LCI / AIA Design Forum 2017

The next annual Design Forum takes place January 26-27 in Berkeley, CA. Make plans now to join us! The two-day program will feature the following sessions:

  • Session I: Lean Transformation of Design Enterprises
  • Session II: Center for Lean Engagement and Research in Healthcare
  • Session III: Collaborative Design & Scoping Process
  • Session IV: Design Process Improvement
  • Session V: Agile Methods
  • Session VI: Engineering Design

More information

Lean Learning Videos

The Lean Learning Video series of 12 is based on key chapters in LCI’s first book, Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change.

Lean Learning Video – The Value Proposition by Bill Seed
2016 LCI Chair Bill Seed summarizes the list of value-added improvements Lean and ILPD bring to the project in the second video of the Lean Learning Video series.

Click here to view the video

The team environment of ILPD creates a pool of best practices that allow the team to consider life-cycle operating costs, building performance, process outputs and employee engagement benefits to optimize project outcome.

When a Lean project goes as planned, customer concerns, innovative solutions, value and waste are emphasized, thus pushing traditional delivery methods out the door.

You can watch this video and the rest of the series on the LCI website

Lean Learning Videos

Lean Leader Videos

Thanks to each LCI corporate member company that submitted a Lean Leader video to LCI’s first Lean Leader Call for Videos! We’re excited to reveal the dozen videos that fall under three categories: Best practices/Lean improvements, Lean journeys, and Lean tools and technologies.

If you missed this round of Lean Leader videos, you’ll get your chance when our next call for videos comes around in a few months. This opportunity is for LCI corporate members only.

LCI corporate members, if you submitted your Lean Leader video to LCI, tweet your video to @LeanConstruct with the #LeanLeaderVid and show it to your followers and ours!

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LCI’s Lean Toolkit

LCI’s Lean Toolkit has excerpts from LCI’s Transforming Design and Construction, The Last Planner System®, and a Construction Managers Association of America (CMAA) paper on Managing Integrated Project Delivery to help your organization start and maintain a Lean culture.

You’ll want to access our Lean Toolkit even if your Lean journey is well underway. And don’t miss the LCI Glossary at the bottom of the Lean Toolkit list to help keep your Lean vocabulary sharp.

Lean Toolkit

Connect with LCI on social media!

If you haven’t already, please like or follow us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn, and follow us on Twitter (@LeanConstruct) to see industry research, corporate member projects and learning opportunities! We’d love for you to share your Lean experiences with us, so don’t be shy and tweet us @LeanConstruct!

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Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! This year promises to be an exciting one for CoPs with many new challenges and experiences coming your way. CoPs are being trained on the new database in January and February of 2017, so if you have not made your scheduled your training date, please contact Ilene Goldberg,


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CoP Best Practices

All CoPs want to know what is working for other CoPs. From here on out, we will have a "CoP best practices" section in the LCI Update.

In this newsletter we are going to feature the Austin CoP and how they find a way to get information that their CoP needs to plan events during their meetings!

When the Austin CoP holds their happy hours, they bring iPads so that the meeting attendees can fill out surveys of about 10 questions, before they enter the meeting. After the survey is completed, the participant receives two drink tickets for beverages during the happy hour.

Jake Snyder, the Chair of the Austin CoP, says “we felt like asking people to complete a short survey in exchange for drink tickets at our happy hour would be a great way to get vital feedback from our CoP [members].”

Thank you to the Austin CoP for giving us a great way to gain important information from CoP members while making sure they have a great time at events!

If your CoP has a story or best practice that you would like to see featured in the LCI Update, please contact Ilene Goldberg,


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