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Welcome to the LCI Southern New England Community of Practice (CoP)!

We are a community of owners, contractors, trade partners, architects, and designers with various levels of Lean experience who are passionate about applying lean principles and practices with a common goal of improving project outcomes and delivering value to our Owners. We repeatedly ask “why” to get to root causes and are not afraid to step outside of our comfort zones and try new and different approaches to increase stakeholder satisfaction and project delivery value. We also recognize that we are much stronger as collaborators than as separate thinkers, so we welcome your participation. We are seeking A/E/C/O industry professionals who want to join us “to find a better way”. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are eager to learn from your experiences and share ours.

Our CoP regional focus spans from Connecticut to Western Massachusetts. If you would like to become involved in our CoP or to request specific topics of interest for future CoP events, please contact us at

SNE CoP Mission

To create a rewarding and thriving culture and industry, that is a model to other industries, by continuously striving to:

  • Expand stakeholder participation with and knowledge of Lean, across the workforce and industry, especially with owners and trade partners
  • Provide Lean education
  • Promote Lean collaboration
  • Build community support for Lean

Core Group Contacts:

Leader: Scott Rowland, Turner Construction Company
Vice Leader: Brad Aldinger, Haley & Aldrich
Events Co- Leaders: Melissa Roy, Tecton Architects
  Matt LeBarron, Yale University
Communications &
Marketing Leader:
Ryan Popp, ASKM Associates
Outreach Leader: Joe Ferrucci, F&F Mechanical
Emeritus & Training Leader: Colin Milberg, ASKM Associates
Sponsorship Leader: Patrick Lynch, Gilbane Building Company
Leader Emeritus: Elena Antil, Suffolk

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UPCOMING National LCI Events

WEBINAR: Lean Leadership: How to Implement and Cultivate a Continuous Culture of Lean – sponsored by Procore
Jan 23 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Lean is more than tools and techniques—you’ll know it’s been successfully implemented within your company when your best learners become your best leaders.

In this webinar, find out how everyone in your organization can become a leader in Lean, and how implementing a Lean culture throughout the entire organization is key to bringing your company to the next level of productivity and possibilities.

Join us for this invaluable presentation from Cory Hackler, Lean Manager at DPR Construction, a national general contracting company specializing in complex, sustainable projects, and has been using Lean principles in its projects for nearly two decades.

You’ll hear how to define and apply Lean leadership principles at your company, success stories from DPR’s groundbreaking Lean Leadership program, and strategies for cultivating a continuous culture of Lean throughout your organization.

From your field to accounting teams, Lean learners and enthusiasts of all levels will benefit from this webinar.

You’ll hear:
– Success stories on implementing Lean culture
– How to practically apply Lean leadership knowledge to your business
– How to learn from your strategic partners to drive towards a common goal
– Strategies for teams to collect feedback and build continuous lean training and a culture of Lean

WEBINAR: Introduction to Lean Project Delivery (LPD)
Jan 29 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

This Introduction to Lean Project Delivery webinar will introduce Lean as relative to the design and construction industry.  Participants will learn why Lean matters for their projects and why they should care. They will be introduced to the key principles and wastes that are foundational to Lean.  

  • During this presentation, participants will learn to:
  • Define Lean and the principles associated with a Lean operating system
  • Identify the principles and tools relevant to Lean design and construction processes
  • Recognize various types of waste in design and construction and apply tools to reduce, minimize and/or eliminate waste.
WEBINAR: Introduction to Takt Time Production Planning
Feb 7 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Takt planning has come into its own in the last few years. Companies including BMW, Sutter Health and Others have reported very positive results of implementing Takt planning. This webinar will introduce you to the basics of Takt Time production planning for construction.
Takt planning has been used in Manufacturing and is very straight-forward when used on a standard manufacturing with a fixed assembly line. While construction has a very different work flow, many of the same concepts apply to construction.
The value of Takt planning has been realized in combination with other Lean tools like the Last Planner System(R) and Lean Principles. Takt production planning is especially effective for project with repetitive spaces. Takt is German word (Taktzeit Cycle) for establishing the “beat” or rhythm of a process. In construction, various installation speeds disrupt flow and create waste. Creating a Takt plan and managing production plans that are location based is the central premise of Takt planning. Takt planning is used to synchronize the sequences and therefor the trade partners flow of work and to level the work and create a production plan and consistent rhythm of work, materials and information associate with conditions at specific locations.

WEBINAR: How to Contract using Lean without an IPD Contract: the ConsensusDocs 305 Standard Lean Construction Addendum
Feb 27 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Lean design and construction methods have emerged as one of the most significant developments to improve value, efficiency, and relationships in the design and construction industry. Design and construction contracts provide both a potential obstacle and opportunity to incorporating Lean tools and developing a Lean culture for your next construction project. Learn how you can use the ConsensusDocs 305 Lean Addendum to facilitate a Lean project without an integrated project delivery (IPD) contract. Getting your contracts right to encourage Lean is difficult. Now there is an industry contract standard form to help.


Learning Objectives

  • Gain an overview of the ConsensusDocs 305 Lean Addendum
  • Learn Lean project fundamentals that you can incorporate in your project’s contracts
  • Understand how to implement Lean practices and Lean culture when an Owner’s constraints preclude use of an IPD contract. 


Joseph Cleves, Partner – Taft Law

Joel Darrington, Contracting Counsel – DPR Construction

Brian Perlberg, Executive Director, Senior Counsel – ConsensusDocs

Tom Richert, Principal – Lean Project Consulting, Inc.

WEBINAR: Avoiding the Big Mistakes: 5 Essentials To Ensure High Performance
Mar 19 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

“All of the big mistakes happen on the first day.” – BIG BIM little bim, Finith E. Jernigan AIA

There are five essentials owners often overlook when standing up a project team. This webinar will challenge common day one assumptions. It will take owners beyond good intentions and fuzzy team building to address deep rooted attitudes and habits that drive supply chain self-serving and adversarial behavior. We will provide also provide you four criteria to evaluate individuals and determine up front if you have a high performing individual, or not. As a bonus you will receive a PDF of a comprehensive checklist for launching a high performing team.

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