LCI Communities of Practice

Whether you are a seasoned Lean Design and Construction practitioner or just starting out, support and continuous learning are essential. LCI nationally supported Communities of Practice (CoPs) offer opportunities to connect locally, participate in education courses and workshops, hear from local Lean project teams, attend Gemba walks, and more.

At CoP events, local design and construction peers guide you to discover ways to reduce waste and add value to your project performance culture by giving you the knowledge needed to bring Lean into your business.

Who Attends

Who attends LCI CoP events?

Designers, builders, trade partners, owners and all Lean professionals attend and benefit from the educational and networking events LCI CoPs offer across the U.S. in areas where Lean implementation has taken hold. Check out photos from past LCI CoP events.

Where are Communities Located

Why Join a Community

Why join a LCI CoP?

Hear from Rob Martin with the John E Greene Company and how he and his team benefited by attending a LCI CoP educational event.

Connect to your Community
Start a Community

Start a LCI CoP in your area

If you work in an area of the U.S. that has a booming Lean design and construction culture, reach out to Denise Erminger for next steps.

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