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Local Communities

LCI was founded to find ways to enhance value on projects and uncover wasted resources in work. LCI Communities of Practice (CoPs) are where your peers in local groups guide you to discover ways to reduce waste and add value to your project performance culture by giving you the knowledge needed to bring Lean into your business.

Local CoPs provide a meeting ground where people can gather, learn, connect, and explore the ramifications of these ideas both for their own organizations and the larger industry.

LCI’s nationally supported CoPs help owners, architects and designers, engineers, contractors, trade partners and suppliers understand and find their way in the Lean community.

The invitation is open to all project participants to meet to explore and develop these ideas as a local community.

Click here to view the videos LCI has created to promote important benefits and programs.

To join an existing CoP:

View the contact  information for your desired CoP

To start a new CoP:

Email Denise Erminger

To receive mailings from an existing CoP or register for a CoP event:

Email Julia Shellhouse at