Practitioner’s Resources

LCI has made available various practical resources to support the Lean Practitioner on their journey. Please share these guides and tools with your company and project teams to improve your project outcomes.

SHORT VIDEOS to Enrich… Enhance… Relaunch… Your Lean Initiatives Post-COVID

LCI has partnered with Construction Accelerator®  to enhance your re-launching of Lean initiatives that have been impacted by COVID-19.  Construction Accelerator® distills Lean topics into easily watched 3 to 9-minute videos than can be accessed at home, in the office, or in the field – whenever viewing is easiest for you. The LCI community receives a 20% discount by going to

Consistent and thorough, each Construction Accelerator® topic includes references to download and print, quizzes to test your knowledge, and action items to implement as you learn. Specific topics can be watched again and again on demand.


  Construction Accelerator®'s  short Lean videos are excellent for:

  • Enabling each staff member to meet annual review goals, for example:
    • Learning 5S for safety
    • Mastering LPS® for planning and scheduling
    • Practicing Continuous Improvement for quality
  • Study Action Teams
  • Big Room discussions
  • Complimenting live/virtual staff training
  • Onboarding
  • Training Last Planners®
  • Training TVD Cluster Groups
  • Guiding staff along their Lean journey using the enterprise Mentoring dashboard.

This system has been adopted by AGC for their CM-LEAN Continuing Education program and is in use by Lean-journey companies around the US and Canada and in Australia.

For your 20% LCI Discount visit the Construction Accelerator® website!


LCI is pleased to sponsor the EBFC Show podcast to advance  your Lean learning.

The EBFC Show is all about the business of construction where people working to make building easier and better share how.  Join host, Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, with guests from all parts of the design and construction industry impacting how we build.  Visit to watch or listen to the episodes on your favorite PODCAST app.

Lean and COVID-19 Resources and Solutions

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the Design and Construction Industry. Teams have had to quickly adjust to virtual meetings, shift normal office space and work sites to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to promote a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. Here you will find a collection of recordings, presentations and reference materials that will provide tips and actions that you can take to help you and your team members adjust to the current situation.

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Lean Deployment Planning Guide

  • LCI’s Lean Deployment Planning Guide

    Fill out the form below to download the new Lean Deployment Planning Guide developed under an LCI-funded research project with John Messner at Penn State. John also has chaired our research committee in 2019.

LCI Project Validation Guide

  • Fill out the form below to download this first-of-its-kind guide aimed at providing teams with direction and resources for validating projects to maximize owner value and team performance.

    Owners, design professionals, superintendents and all Lean professionals will find value in this guide developed by LCI Research Committee member Dr. David Grau and his research team at Arizona State University.

Practitioner Guide to Lean Articles

The newly developed Practitioner Guide to Lean Articles helps professionals locate and frame seminal research relevant to challenges they face. Many academic articles can inform specific decisions in the field, but can be hard to find and are not always written with industry practitioners in mind. This map categorizes essential articles and tags them with descriptions and keywords. Covering research from past and current time frames, it also includes topics that will be critical to the future of our industry such as virtual reality and automation.

Practitioner Guide to Lean Articles

UHS Lean Project Delivery Guide

This comprehensive set of materials was developed by Universal Health Services (UHS), representing the best and most complete owner’s manual to Lean project delivery that the group has encountered.

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Lean Contracting Strategy the Proctor & Gamble Way: Deriving the Target Cost

When done right, a magical moment occurs when all parties sign an IPD Agreement. It’s game-on! The owner feels great that the team has taken on the challenge and the Engineering & Construction (E&C) partners feel great to take it on. The focus immediately moves from agreeing to a Target Cost to executing against it … from “What” needs to be executed to “How” it’s going to be executed.

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LCI Lean Learning Health Assessment Tool for Individuals

The growing implementation of IPD requires that professionals receive just-in-time training on the founding principles and strategies of Lean design and construction. However, practitioners might not only have the time to participate in continuous training, but they might also not have a self-awareness of their knowledge. To support future learning, an individual assessment instrument was developed so practitioners could assess their knowledge and efforts in implementing Lean principles, develop self-awareness, and self-regulate their journey towards- continuous improvement. The instrument was developed by leveraging experiences and literature in Lean construction principles as well as theories of self-regulated learning in educational psychology. The instrument has been implemented in several IPD projects and received over 100 responses. To validate the instrument’s effectiveness in developing such desired awareness, interviews were conducted after the implementation. The results from the interviews illustrate the instrument’s capability to support the development of an individual’s awareness of their knowledge, motivation, and efforts in applying Lean construction principles. With the instrument, we hope to promote the growth of individuals’ knowledge and efforts through the entire delivery process of a project.

The following video will provide you with an introduction to the assessment tools and its evaluation dimensions.

Lean Learning Health Assessment -

The following video will provide you with a tutorial on how to use the assessment instrument and how to interpret the results.

Lean Learning Health Assessment -

As mentioned in the tutorial, one can either assess themselves in all of the paths or individual paths. You will automatically receive the results of the assessment to your email. Please click on the following links to either assess all of the paths or an individual path.

Lean Learning Health Assessment (5 paths)

Wisdom Path

Strategy Path

Mindfulness Path

Leadership Path

Integration Path

For any questions regarding the Lean Learning Health Assessment, please contact Fadi Castronovo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Engineering, California State University, [email protected].

To further support your learning journey please refer to the LCI publication Transforming Design and Construction.

LCI Lean IPD Health & Maturity Assessment Tool for Teams

The objective of the LCI Lean IPD Health and Maturity Assessment tool is to provide the project team with a snapshot of its progress in adopting Lean Integrated Project Delivery better known practices. The tool was developed with the knowledge that Lean/IPD maturity is indeed a progression and not a binary switch that is flipped on or off by inserting some tools. A project may be called “Lean” and yet only be at the early levels of Lean maturity for many of the Lean methods and approaches. An assessment, such as this one, is one of the few ways to quantify with some objectivity how “Lean” a project is on an element by element basis. The Framework for the elements was developed within the Lean Construction Institute Community of Practice; descriptions of the elements are embedded in the tool and are displayed as each element is being assessed.

LCI Lean IPD Health and Maturity Assessment Tool

LCI Lean IPD Health and Maturity Assessment Tool

Integrated Project Delivery - An Action Guide for Leaders, published by Charles Pankow Foundation

This guide is the result of a collaborative writing process between five IPD subject-matter experts that made up the guide’s core team. Much of the content found in this guide derived from the conversations that took place at the IPD Advisory Council workshop on May 2, 2017.

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Last Planner System® Workbook

Lean Construction planning and control techniques reduce waste by improving work flow reliability. The starting point is improving the reliability of assignments at the crew level. This is in contrast to current management approaches that rely on project-level plans to manage contracts instead of managing work. Lacking a predictable work flow, design squads, field crews, or similar production units must adopt a strategy of flexibility to keep busy. Using this workbook you will gain a new perspective on what it means to plan a job. You will develop a better understanding of the impact variability has on downstream performance, and you will learn how the Last Planner System®️ can shield work groups from uncertainty and thereby improve performance of the production unit as well as overall system throughput.

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Last Planner System® Standard Work Guidelines

This set of documents was produced by the LCI Standards Committee to help members with Last Planner System®️ implementation. Last Planner System®️ is a production planning system designed to produce predictable work flow and rapid learning in programming, design, construction and commissioning of projects. Last Planner System®️ was developed by Glenn Ballard and Greg Howell. LCI licenses the use of these processes to various organizations, including most recently the Associated General Contractors of America.

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Lean Articles

A diverse set of practitioners collaborated to create the Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change book based on the transformative projects and experiences of their Lean practices.

The papers, presented in short, chapter format, are intended to encourage discussion, learning and experimentation individually or with a team. Read the first and most popular book in LCI’s Transforming Design and Construction series to gain a high-level understanding of various Lean principles, strategies and methods.

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