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Lean for Young Professionals

Lean for Students and Young Professionals

As awareness of the Lean advantage spreads across our industry, companies will be left behind if they do not have the right Lean team for the job. By learning to apply Lean to design and construction processes, students and young professionals who are just beginning their careers can set themselves apart from the competition.

Unfortunately, many students and young professionals are not made aware of Lean in design and construction until they enter the workforce, which results in companies spending valuable resources to bring new hires up to speed. The content below is meant to introduce you to Lean so that you can hit the ground running with a Lean mindset when you enter the workforce!

Why Lean design and construction?
Lean design and construction principles create an environment focused on Respect for People and Continuous Improvement.

Here’s what others are saying about Lean!
“The biggest impact I’ve seen through my career is the reduction of waste. I ran student organizations in college with the mentality of let’s try it and if it doesn’t work, we can try something else. Through Lean learning sessions and the LCI books, I’ve learned processes I can use to eliminate the easier spotted forms of waste and come away with valuable courses of action to attempt. Eliminating waste has increased my productivity time at work and allowed my 60-hour weeks to go to 45- to 50-hour weeks.”

Jenna Santamaria, previous University of South Florida-Tampa student now working as a Project Manager at AECOM

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