Getting Started with Lean

We are excited to have you on board to help transform the design and construction industry. The information and resources herein are provided to jumpstart your Lean journey.

Transforming Design & Construction – a framework for change: PDF chapters

Below you’ll find excerpts from LCI’s flagship publication, Transforming Design & Construction – a framework for change that will give you valuable information to start your Lean journey.
Link to these chapters:

Transforming Design & Construction – a framework for change: videos

The following videos are excerpts from LCI’s flagship publication Transforming Design & Construction – a framework for change . These videos are small vignettes that will show you information about the basic principles of Lean design and construction.

Lean Construction Overview

Presented by Victor Sanvido

The Value Proposition

Presented by Bill Seed

Lean Construction Defined

Presented by Bevan Mace

Team Forming and Team Initiation

Presented by Chistian Pikel

Leadership and Lean IPD Projects

Presented by Bart Bodway

Respect for People

Presented by Sheila Ruder


Presented by Chase Roles

High Performing Teams

Presented by Eric Shawn Houston, AIA

Team Partner Selection

Presented by Dave Roberts

Project Conditions of Satisfaction

Presented by Matt Thomas

The Last Planner System®

Presented by Sarah Brand

Onboarding Team Members

Presented by Ryan Seckinger

Integrated Project Delivery – An Action Guide for Leaders, published by Charles Pankow Foundation

This guide is the result of a collaborative writing process between five IPD subject-matter experts that made up the guide’s core team. Much of the content found in this guide derived from the conversations that took place at the IPD Advisory Council workshop on May 2, 2017.
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Last Planner System® Workbook

Lean Construction planning and control techniques reduce waste by improving work flow reliability. The starting point is improving the reliability of assignments at the crew level. This is in contrast to current management approaches that rely on project-level plans to manage contracts instead of managing work. Lacking a predictable work flow, design squads, field crews, or similar production units must adopt a strategy of flexibility to keep busy. Using this workbook you will gain a new perspective on what it means to plan a job. You will develop a better understanding of the impact variability has on downstream performance, and you will learn how the Last Planner System® can shield work groups from uncertainty and thereby improve performance of the production unit as well as overall system throughput.
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CMAA – Managing Integrated Project Delivery

Learn from industry thought leaders in program and construction management, and law who contributed ideas, criticism and original content to create this IPD Guide developed by CMAA.
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Lean Glossary
SHORT VIDEOS to Enrich… Enhance… Relaunch… Your Lean Initiatives Post-COVID

LCI has partnered with Construction Accelerator®  to enhance your re-launching of Lean initiatives that have been impacted by COVID-19.  Construction Accelerator® distills Lean topics into easily watched 3 to 9-minute videos than can be accessed at home, in the office, or in the field – whenever viewing is easiest for you. The LCI community receives a 20% discount by going to Consistent and thorough, each Construction Accelerator® topic includes references to download and print, quizzes to test your knowledge, and action items to implement as you learn. Specific topics can be watched again and again on demand.


  Construction Accelerator®'s  short Lean videos are excellent for:

  • Enabling each staff member to meet annual review goals, for example:
    • Learning 5S for safety
    • Mastering LPS® for planning and scheduling
    • Practicing Continuous Improvement for quality
  • Study Action Teams
  • Big Room discussions
  • Complimenting live/virtual staff training
  • Onboarding
  • Training Last Planners®
  • Training TVD Cluster Groups
  • Guiding staff along their Lean journey using the enterprise Mentoring dashboard.

This system has been adopted by AGC for their CM-LEAN Continuing Education program and is in use by Lean-journey companies around the US and Canada and in Australia. For your 20% LCI Discount visit the Construction Accelerator® website!