Planning Your Journey to LCI Congress – A Planning Team Member’s Insight

Planning Your Journey to LCI Congress – A Planning Team Member’s Insight

LCI Congress crowd

By Tara Laski, Operations Manager, Southland Industries

As co-chair of the Gemba walks for the 2017 LCI Congress, to be held this upcoming Oct. 16-20 in Anaheim, Calif., I plan tours like the Southland Industries’ Gemba walk of our connected solutions. This onsite walk, along with the other four Gemba walks, will take place on Friday, October 20th.

This year, the 2017 LCI Congress planning team has been focused on developing more advanced content while also providing presentations that delve into the “how to do” of the topics discussed. We want you to walk away with the steps needed to create your own success stories—it’s essential to focus on lessons learned from and speakers. But, it’s not enough to just hear a success story. It’s also important for you to feel confident bringing the concepts learned at Congress to life afterwards. That is why, at LCI Congress, project teams switch roles to presentation teams to transfer their experience in the field to applicable techniques and best practices.

We are also focused on showing the true impact of Lean culture along with the necessary tools for the efficient completion of projects with the Technology & New Techniques in Lean track.

I really enjoyed the main speakers at last year’s LCI Congress in Chicago; each brought new ideas to the table about how to find continuous improvement. I also loved being a Congress Champion for a few presentations. As a Champion, I found myself sitting in presentations I might not have picked, but had several “a-ha moments” about new ways of thinking or tools I hadn’t looked into yet.

I hope to look outside the box at the 2017 LCI Congress and find new hidden gems! I’m excited to see both new faces as well as valued past attendees.

Keep checking the LCI Congress blog for more information leading up to the event!