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Introduce Lean Project Delivery to your team with new eLearning

Introduce Lean Project Delivery to your team with new eLearning

In the design and construction industry, we face the reality that 70 percent of projects are delivered late, over budget, or both. The traditional, siloed approach that teams have relied on for more than 50 years has failed to improve productivity or solve the challenges our people face daily.

Lean project delivery is the solution. LCI and its members practice a better way to deliver projects that has been proven to increase value delivered to the owner in a timelier and more budget-friendly fashion.

Now, individuals, teams and companies can complete the recently released Introduction to Lean Project Delivery eLearning course to gain an understanding in how the Lean system connects people, principles and practices. The key achievable goals for eLearners are to:

  • Recognize the Six Tenets of Lean and Eight Wastes
  • Connect people through collaboration, high performing teams and Project Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS)
  • Discover benefits of Lean approaches like Big Room and Last Planner® System (LPS)
  • Identify how to initiate project delivery action and find key tools to keep project momentum going.

With LCI eLearning, practitioners can learn Lean tools and principles in small batches, at their own pace and from any smart device for the first time! As LCI looks to the future, we recognize the value eLearning has for busy Lean design and construction practitioners and plan to expand the eLearning program, which also includes Introduction to the Last Planner® System.


Are you an LCI member?
Volume discounts are available exclusively to LCI corporate members and can save your company money and time by efficiently training hundreds of employees at once. Reduced member pricing is available for individual members and corporate members not buying in bulk in addition to our standard, non-member pricing. Email for more information on corporate member volume discounts that help companies efficiently spread Lean company-wide while letting employees learn at their own pace.


Looking for continuous education credits?
Participants must score 80 percent or higher on each knowledge check and the final assessment to receive a certificate of completion and a badge that can be added to an email signature showing that you are on a continuous path of Lean education. Those working on their AGC CM-Lean continuing education units can self-report 1.5 CEU for completion.


Create a MyLCI profile if you have not already to access eLearning, receive education updates and be notified when our next eLearning course, Lean in the Design Phase, is released in early 2019!