Welcome to the new LCI Israel!

LCI is the Lean Construction Institute and is headquartered in the U.S.A. My name is Doron Gabai and I have been working closely with them to bring LCI and the idea of Lean Design and Construction to Israel. Rather than trying to explain what LCI is all about, I invite you to watch the videos and read the articles below to see what Lean is and how it can benefit you and your company.

Partnering to Win

Lean construction is a new and transformational way to design and build capital facilities. Lean theory, principles and techniques, taken together, provide the foundation for a new form of project management. From roots in production management, lean construction produces significant improvements, particularly on complex, uncertain and quick projects.

LCI Israel Vision

Increase Productivity of the Design & Construction Industry via the latest Lean methods & tools

Key Goals

  • Enhance satisfaction of Construction stakeholders with design and construction delivery
  • Achieve Partner Value while Eliminating Waste throughout Project Life Cycle
  • Deliver Standard Building Blocks for Lean Design & Construction, and Integrated Delivery
  • Create a Vibrant Learning Environment to share Best Practices

Come join us in welcoming the future of Design and Construction to Israel!

Doron Gabai, PMP
Intel Israel Construction EPMO
Chairman, LCI Israel
[email protected]
Dan Slonim
Intel Israel Construction GM
Owner Rep. Co-Chair, LCI Israel
[email protected]


Morit Gordon
Intel Israel Construction Administration Mgr
Public Affairs Manager, LCI Israel
[email protected]

Dovev Viess
Intel EMEA FMS Mgr
External Engagement Mgr, LCI Israel
[email protected]

Increase Productivity using LCI Israel's Strategic Focuses



+Leadership & High Performing Teams
+On Boarding
+Pre-Fabrication, Pre-Assy, Supply Chain management
+Waste Elimination
Integrated Project Delivery & Strategy
+“The Business Deal”
+Budget Management
+Earned Value
+Integrated Project Delivery
+Project Conditions of Satisfaction
+Risk Management