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LCI Instructors are a key aspect of the LCI Immersive Education Program and serve as a network of expertise in educating the Lean community and supporting the continuous improvement of LCI education. Only LCI Instructors may teach LCI education courses because they are committed to upholding the Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS) and have been properly vetted by the LCI Education Advisory Group based on LCI corporate member status, LCI Community of Practice (CoP) involvement and experience implementing and teaching Lean tools and processes.

“I have been teaching LCI courses for a couple of years now, and not only do I get the opportunity to meet and interact with great people in our industry, but I always come away learning more from the experiences and interactions in the workshops. The energy to learn and willingness to challenge the status quo reinforces my motivation and passion for Lean and how it can make a positive impact in our industry”

Katie Wells, Director of Lean Construction, Brasfield & Gorrie


Please read the information below on the CoS, continuous improvement cycle and the approval process. Then, complete the application and submit it for review. LCI’s Education Advisory Group looks forward to receiving your application!


The Meaning of Being an LCI Instructor

LCI Instructors are a key element in maintaining and improving LCI’s education courses. Continuous improvement is one of the six core tenets of Lean. As such, LCI requires that all instructors participate in the continuous evolution and development of our educational materials, improving both the industry and themselves along the way.

LCI Instructors:

  • Are the only ones who are authorized to teach LCI education courses via webinar or national/local education events
  • Have access to LCI instructional materials
  • Gain marketing opportunities and exposure to CoP members for their effort
  • Are an important conduit for improving LCI course material and for sharing innovation
  • Align with and will follow the Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS) developed for the role.

All LCI Instructors are required to uphold the following CoS for being an instructor using LCI education material and representing LCI at any LCI-sponsored event including LCI Congress, Lean in Design Forum, national or local CoP events and webinars. Not following the CoS will result in re-evaluating the LCI Instructor's standing.

LCI Instructor Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS):

  • Must be a Corporate Member (which includes vendor, Lean consultant, CPA, higher education, owner or law firm) of LCI in good standing.
  • Represent and uphold LCI's values and principles including the mission to create:
    • Fundamental Principles
    • Common Language aligned with LCI Glossary
    • Basic Practices
  • Use LCI education course materials for presentations at any LCI-sponsored event including LCI Congress, Lean in Design Forum, national or local CoP events and webinars.
  • May use the LCI education course material for internal company training if the training is led by the LCI Instructor.
  • Honor all Lean Construction Institute trademarks (Last Planner System®, Last Planner®, LPS™) and give LCI credit on any LCI education material used.
  • Recognize that the LCI Instructor qualification is intended to ensure quality instructors for LCI materials and is not to be used to represent certification in any manner.
  • May personalize the LCI education course deck to add stories and experiences for the participants, however will not deviate from values and principles noted above, nor will remove, hide or otherwise alter the standard slide deck.
  • Will work with event coordinators to ensure event budgets are met as relevant to their fees and travel expenses.
  • Will actively support the local CoP.
  • Comply with an annual review and re-evaluation process to maintain status.
  • Provide training as an extension of LCI, in alignment with above
  • Provide instructor and attendee feedback for continuous learning via plus/delta and LCI evaluation forms and/or surveys.


Contact Kristin Hill at [email protected] for more information.

Continuous Improvement Cycle for LCI Courses

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New LCI Instructor Approval Process

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LCI Instructor Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to become an LCI Instructor!