February 4, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Lean Construction Institute

Are you looking to improve the outcomes of your capital projects?  The Lean Construction Institute commissioned two research efforts done by Dodge Data & Analytics and University of Minnesota which examined 172 projects to discover what makes projects excel. In The Business Case for Lean Project Delivery Webinar, the research results will be presented along with a consideration of ways designers and constructors can improve project outcomes. This webinar is an important step in learning about this important research, outcomes and promote fact-driven Lean and IPD knowledge across the industry.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what owners value in design and construction and how designers and constructors can close the gap between owner expectation and typical project delivery.
  2. Discover Lean process innovations and tools that are flexible and positively change project team collaboration.
  3. Understand how the adoption of Lean impacts the architect’s and engineer’s roles in the design and construction process.
  4. Learn about 5 Lean and IPD myths with empirical data supporting the reality.