March 25, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Lean Construction Institute

The challenges faced by the construction industry are well documented; projects are regularly delivered late and over budget, improvements in productivity lag way behind manufacturing, there’s an aging workforce and global skills shortage. Safety, waste, risk and sustainability are key concerns; what the ecosystem needs to deliver is more certainty.

There is no panacea, but there is progress. Methods such as Lean, Integrated Project Delivery, Advanced Work Packaging, Digitization, Productization and Prefabrication can help put the industry on the path to predictability, certainty, quality and sustainability.

To help you navigate this path, this panel session will bust some myths around Lean and discuss what can be done today to set the right direction for industry transformation. Productization will be a key theme, along with target value design and how Lean construction is not Lean manufacturing. Underscoring this will be some best practices you can adopt for foundational readiness and maturity assessment. Let’s put the manufacturing back into Lean!