May 22, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Southland Industries Office
1500 N. Priest Suite 114
LCI Arizona CoP

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LCI Arizona Community of Practice


Variation in Production Systems

Have you ever been on a project that encountered…..Cost Overruns? Schedule Impacts? Scope Creep? Rework? We often may be very familiar with the resulting impacts of ‘variation’ on our projects, without ever having seen it coming. We recognize variation as fluctuations in the predetermined process & procedures. Often having a corrupting effect on reliable work flow, and resulting in negative impacts to downstream events. In this introduction to ‘Variation in Production’ we will examine the following: Goals for discussion:  

  • Identify sources of variation in the Design/Precon/Construction workflow
  • Define the different types of variation
  • Describe the role of variation in our production operations
  • Explain the concept of ‘throughput’
  • Distinguish b/t the concepts of ‘throughput’ and ‘work in progress’
  • Define & contrast variation mitigation techniques


Stephen Nichols LEED AP, CM-Lean
A3 Construction Mgmt. Services, LLC

Registration Rates:

  • Member Rate: $40
  • Non-Member Rate: $45

 Dinner will be served