March 15, 2018 @ 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Swinerton Builders
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LCI San Diego Community of Practice


Surviving the Big Room

Clark Construction’s design build team at the San Diego State University Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Project used the big room concept as a selling point to the University for how the team was going to streamline construction, both on the project management side and the field supervision side. In theory, having all partners; GC, major scope subcontractors, the construction manager, and the inspectors working together daily in the same room for the entire duration of the building construction and closeout is an environment created for success:- no wasted time making phone calls to people you may not get a hold of- instantaneous confirmation – near complete transparency from foreman to owner – higher “quick setup” meeting flexibility- higher FPY/(100% CA) verbal and written communication; transferable work products that pass from field to office without wasted interpretation or translation time. Problems can’t hide for long… In theory, it’s the most ideal work environment that can be created……Reality is a different story

Motivation: The motivation is to make this system work because it should be the most ideal work environment that can be created. Everyone should be afforded the collaborative advantage- without the growing pains.

Learning Objective: With the team now having started a second consecutive collocated project. Share tips on how to make the collaborative “Big Room” environment work.


Al J. Kirsininkas – Senior Construction Manager, OCMI

Matt Gerard –  Project Executive, Clark Construction Group-CA LP

Wendy Bohn – Senior Project Manager, Clark Construction Group-CA LP

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