September 15, 2016 @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
University at Albany - Husted Hall 106A

In this interactive presentation, Victor Sanvido (SVP, Southland Industries) describes the practice of Lean Project Delivery, including:

  • How to discover and eliminate wasteful processes
  • Achieve a unified workflow from design – thru – construction; and
  • Use Lean tools to improve project delivery for both innovative and traditional contracting

An experienced educator and practitioner, Victor will demonstrate how Lean practices can assist traditional project deliver (design-bid-build), including multi-prime. Victor will also discuss public projects that have implemented lean practices and those using the IFOA agreement – a cost + overhead + profit-at-risk approach – the ultimate in open book contracting.

Whether your work is in the public or private sectors; multi-prime, design-bid-build, or integrated ‘open book’ – Lean can improve your chances of delivering project success.

In a resource-challenged environment, eliminating wasteful processes is essential to your success as an Owner, Contractor or Designer. Lean offers proven methods to do more with less in the development, design and delivery of capital projects – while achieving greater satisfaction and enhanced value.

Program Overview

Pre-Event Networking                            4:30 – 4:45 pm (15 minutes)

LeanNY Introduction (Sugnet)                                         (3 minutes)

Event + Learning Units (Spata)                                       (2 minutes)

Moderator’s Point-of-View (Marcella)      4:50 – 5:00pm   (10 minutes)

Presentation (Sanvido)                          5:00 – 6:00pm   (45-60 minutes, depending upon audience)

Audience Q+A / Discussion                   6:00 – 6:20pm   (15-30 minutes)

Plus Delta                                             6:15 – 6:25        (10 minutes)

Adjournment (Hogan)                             6:30pm

Christopher Marcella is a licensed architect and Director of Design for the State University Construction Fund.  He has over 35 years in both private practice and government work.  As the Director of Design, Mr. Marcella oversees Project Managers, who administer capital projects throughout the University System’s 34 campuses. 

Under Mr. Marcella’s management, the State University Construction Fund is administering in excess of $2 billion of capital projects throughout the SUNY system.

Since 1996, Mr. Marcella has represented the State University of New York in the Association of University Architects.  He is also a member of the National Fire Protection Association, is a certified code enforcement officer, and serves as a neutral in the American Arbitration Association

Victor Sanvido, Southland SVP, is a founding member of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), past board chairman and current board member. Victor has delivered over 25 IFOA Lean projects (Integrated Form of Agreement).