November 5, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
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Memphis & Mid-South Lean Interest Group

Join us for an LCI Lean Learning Session to support each other in our Lean endeavors!
LCI Lean Learning Sessions are 30-45 minute facilitated discussions on a particular subject matter having to do with Lean Project Delivery, ideally leading the participants into new action. This month’s session will be “What is Lean”.
This topic introduces Lean Project Delivery as relevant to the design and construction industry, compares conventional delivery with Lean delivery outcomes and describes the goals and benefits of Lean. Participants will learn key principles that are foundational to Lean, such as the LCI 6 Tenets of Lean, in detail.
The LCI Lean Learning Series is a facilitated discussion-oriented event focused on a specific Lean subject matter. The event is more structured than a Lean Coffee yet shorter and less structured than a LCI Education Course. Its purpose is to provide just enough knowledge base to kick start an engaging Lean discussion amongst the participants.


Bob Grimes is the National Director of Lean for Turner Construction Company. He will be discussing the Lean Project Delivery as it relates to the design and construction industry as compared to the conventional delivery method. Participants will lean the key principles that are foundational to Lean and how they relate to the Memphis Market.  He has many years of experience in leading and implementing Lean practices across various regions throughout the country. He is a gifted communicator and mentor as it pertains to Lean strategies and has a passion for positively influencing the construction industry by challenging the conventional approach.

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