February 26, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Zoom Meeting
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D.C. Metro CoP

Go Slow to Go Fast: A Lean Approach to Enable Focused Collaboration:

Standardization and Innovation are often seen as two sides of a coin. It is a common challenge in a new company to find the balance between maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit and delivering consistent valuable services to clients in different markets across the nation.
Learn how to meet an organization at its maturity level and create positive experiences leveraging both pillars of Lean “People” and “Tools” to create a Lean culture. Lean basics such as Respect for People, evaluating process as a whole, defining value from the customer’s prospective, as well as the formation of formal and informal team connections, bring focus and enable true collaboration for problem solving.
Participants will learn steps to streamline a process, improve average performance by enabling co-dependent personal development, how a simple tool like 5S can help improve efficiency, and ways to prioritize the critical few.

It Takes A Village: What “One Company” Really Means when Building Great Teams:

Whether building a hospital or selecting a software platform to implement company-wide, successful projects share one thing: strong and cohesive teams that hold diverse skillsets needed to execute and deliver results. Building a great team doesn’t have to be as challenging as catching lightning in a bottle, but consistent results require intentionality. Varied personalities, skillsets, and geographical logistics must be managed and aligned. Consistency in applying the values of performance, respect, and teamwork values will deliver success.
Participants will learn how Brasfield & Gorrie’s Lean department works with corporate and operational departments to break down traditional corporate silos and enhance communication across many geographic regions and market sectors.


Ryan Nagle, Vice President & Branch Manager, Envise Mid-Atlantic Division