December 4, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
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Michigan CoP

This is the fifth in an on-going series of one-hour virtual learning opportunities intended to help empower Michigan CoP participants kick-off their lean journey or enhance their current knowledge.  This session will explain and explore the Last Planner System® and how it is used to minimize waste and promote predictable and reliable work-flow.  Attendees will gain valuable insights through case examples, some of which come from Michigan-based builders.

What knowledge will the participate gain / see….

  • Awareness of the Last Planner System®, how it works, key concepts, definitions, and push versus pull methodology.
  • Participants will explore how the LPS® minimizes and avoids waste caused by poor scheduling, planning, and coordination.


10:50 – 11:00     Sign-in and virtual introductions via text box
11:00 – 11:05      Welcome & Michigan CoP Introduction
11:05 – 11:50      Last Planner System (LPS®)
11:50 – 11:55      Call to action/How to get started
11:55 – 12:00     Additional Information Sources, Upcoming Events, Plus/Delta, Close-out


Tariq Abdelhamid , Ph.D., CM-Lean is Chief Lean Enterprise Officer with the Residential and Hospitality (RHS) Division at Michigan State University (MSU), working with colleagues on a lean transformation journey since 2013. He is also an Associate Professor of Lean Construction at MSU, and has coached lean project teams since 2000.  Trained by Greg Howell & Glenn Ballard (Lean Construction Institute co-founders), Tariq is the Editor of the Lean Construction Journal, a certified AGC LCEP, a LCI instructor, and a LCI Research Fellow.

Samir Emdanat is co-founder & Director of vPlanner which provides lean management consulting services, production planning services, and software solutions to support the Last Planner(r) System.  He is an industry recognized leader in managing Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams. He is known for his approach to overall project integration consistently resulting in breakthrough results in various industries.