May 16, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Tampa Electric (TECO)
702 N Franklin St
Tampa, FL 33602


LCI Central Florida (Tampa) Community of Practice


Introduction to Last Planner®® System

This Last Planner® workshop is designed to introduce participants to the five elements of the Last Planner®:

  • Master Scheduling (setting milestones and strategy; identification of long lead items);
  • Phase “Pull” planning (specify handoffs; identify operational conflicts);
  • Make Work-Ready Planning (look ahead planning to ensure that work is made ready for installation; re-planning as necessary);
  • Weekly Work Planning (commitments to perform work in a certain manner and a certain sequence); and
  • Learning (measuring percent of plan complete (PPC), deep dive into reasons for failure, developing and implementing lessons learned).

In recent years, use of the Last Planner System® on projects and within both design and construction firms has increased dramatically. We are your resource to those who wish to utilize this robust planning system.


Frank Coln helps teams deliver better projects through his use of lean practices. His career ranged from field engineering to project management. His passion for seeing work put in place and improving flow of construction activities led to his current role of project superintendent at DeAngelis Diamond. He served as chair of the LCI Dallas/Fort Worth CoP. He is also an approved instructor for The Last Planner System®and Intro to Lean through the Lean Construction Institute (LCI).

Kevin Labrecque has over twenty years of project management and operational leadership in the construction industry. Currently, he serves on the Executive Management Team of Harper Building Systems, a Limbach Facility Services company, as Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence. His primary objective consists of leading Limbach’s continuous journey of Lean transformation. He is co-chair of Central Florida CoP, an LCI certified Instructor, and chair of the LCI 2018 National Congress.

  • Park south of the building in public parking lot.
  • Lunch provided.