LCI Chicago
Community of Practice

Augmented Reality 

Date: Thursday, August 11, 2016

Time: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


LOCATION: DIRTT Environmental Solutions

325 North Wells, 10th Floor

Chicago, IL  60654



  • Chris Matus, DIRTT
  • Dave Pikey, Hill Mechanical 
  • Tim Schubert, Mortenson Construction
  • Andrew Dennison, LIFT Technologies
  • Peter Ghafari, Ghafari Associates

Technology is changing the landscaping of all businesses, and construction is one that needs to embrace it now, more than ever.   LCI Chicago CoP will be hosting a Technology Exploration Event that will demonstrate how General Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers are levering technology that speak directly to lean principles.  This social event will host Mortenson Construction, Hill Mechanical, LIFT and DIRTT. 


This is an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and innovators on project approaches that leverage technology to enhance Lean Initiatives and project outcomes. This will be an open forum, social event, so bring your ideas and experiences as you network and explore these technology solutions with your fellow LCI members.


Mortenson Construction Virtual Reality Lab focuses on the engagement with the Architectural, Construction and Design disciplines to explore ways to enhance the overall project throughout the design and collaboration process.


The Hill Group Technology Solutions Team will demonstrate their capabilities with Building Information Modeling to provide the highest value during the design, estimating, modeling, coordination, prefabrication and construction phases. 


DIRTT Environmental Solutions will show their proprietary gaming based software called ICE that follows the design intent, plan view, 3D view and instantaneous pricing and its integration into VR to build upon the design experience to confirm design certainty.  Taking it one step further, DIRTT’s ICEreality will blend the world of virtual and real for a power mixed reality design experience.


LIFT Technologies is a UAV solution from built from Clayco’s internal research supporting full design-build construction projects.  See how it creates optimal flight plans, provides UAV operators and FAA compliance capabilities.


Ghafari Associates will present vPlanner, a new visual planning software to facilitate collaborative design and construction management. It is designed to streamline project pull-planning activities, particularly in multi-discipline situations.


  • $75 = LCI / AGC / AIA / COAA Member or Guest*
  • $85 = Non-Member
  • $55 = Faculty Member
  • $20 = Students

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