September 21, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Limbach Engineering & Design Services
301 E Pine St #400
Orlando, FL 32801

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LCI Central Florida Community of Practice (Orlando)


A Tale of Two IPD Projects & The Building of Tron (Florida & Shanghai): Comparison of Lean Construction Techniques

Walt Disney Imagineering partners with Whiting-Turner Contracting in this 2-part presentation

1. Team of 4 speaks to similarities & differences in construction management while delivering two concurrent IPD projects to the same owner by the same general contractor. These projects utilized the same IPD contract language and started at nearly the same time. The tools and techniques utilized by the same pool of people diverged significantly to align the scale and needs for each project. This is a great example of the PDCA cycle and enabling teams to use methods most effective within their project organization.

Team presenting from Walt Disney Imagineering are Tim Warzecha and Lauren Niederhiser. Presenting from Whiting-Turner Contracting Co, are Matt Bleakley and Matt Thomas.

2. Team of 3 explains the building of Tron in Shanghai, where construction teams introduced facets of Lean to a culture which was modernizing before their eyes. This presentation looks at those implementation strategies and the effects on delivery. Under the idea of Continuous Improvement, the Florida Tron team presents how they are delivering the same attraction in an all new setting while implementing cutting-edge approaches to Lean design and delivery.

Team presenting the 2nd part from Walt Disney Imagineering are Michael Demetriades and Michael Herman, joined by Matt Thomas of Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.

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