“Our commitment to innovation, eliminating waste and continuous learning drives our Lean journey and desire to more effectively deliver value for our clients and colleagues. Together as an industry, it’s imperative that we continue working together to share experiences and lessons learned so that we continuously achieve increasing efficiency in project delivery. Key to this journey is our LCI membership that facilitates collaboration with industry peers and owners, placing our people into a community centered on learning and sharing at venues like LCI Congress where they engage in training sessions with others on similar journeys. LCI has created a platform designed to spark new ideas and energize teams to innovate in the real world, and we look forward to our continued participation in the process.”

Mark Konchar, Chief of Innovation, Balfour Beatty Construction

“Intel is committed to leading-edge practices on the frontier of high technology. Likewise, in managing the construction of our facilities, the company strives for world-class practices. Leveraging our LCI membership has been key to helping ensure on-going improvement and transformation of not only Intel’s facilities, but of the construction industry as well. In 2011, the Bureau of Economic Analysis published a graph showing productivity improvement in multiple industries over the past 50 years. Although other industries had made significant improvement, the construction industry had not made substantial improvement in that 50-year window. This drove our desire to join LCI. We wanted to leverage the collective strength of large owners along with our supply chain partners to learn from other industries and drive improvement in an historically confrontational and siloed construction industry. Over the past few years, we have collectively consolidated learnings from around the globe to define best construction practices.  Specific to Intel, since our investment in different geographies varies, we wanted to ensure the learning and improvement cadence continued in these geos even when we didn’t have work in these regions. LCI has been an invaluable resource and key to our successful navigation of the issues and trends in construction affecting Intel’s business around the globe.”

John Pemberton, GM, Global Construction, Intel

“We started our Lean journey five years ago when three of us attended our first Lean Construction Congress in Pasadena, California.  We discovered LCI and a dramatically better way to perform construction.  Since that time we have been implementing Lean Construction principles and methods and we have seen a paradigm shift occur before our eyes.  LCI’s online resources, connections to the Chicago Community of Practice, Webinars and annual Congress’ have played a key role in the development of my team.  I honestly don’t think we would have been able to make this transformation without LCI.”

Tim Polaskey, Construction Manager, BP Whiting Projects Team

“LCI membership has provided a series of venues through CoPs, education events and conferences to allow our people to get engaged in improving their skills, in learning and in sharing experiences.  The community provides the value.”

Victor Sanvido, Senior Vice President, Southland Industries

“LCI has been a great resource to JE Dunn Construction. It has created venues and opportunities for our people to cross-learn with many other companies and project teams around the country. When we exchange learning with others we bring new ideas into our project deliveries – helping us improve our teams, our client experience and our overall organization.”

Rebecca Snelling, National Director of Lean, JE Dunn Construction